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    New A1 Pics Released

    Have a look at this link.
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    Saw Rollercoster Thorpe Park

    Went to Thorpe Park on Good friday. Had a great time and had a go on Saw. Its one of the first coasters I have been on in the uk that has been themed very well like they have mastered in the states. You que up to go in to an old derelict warehouse just like in the film. Once on the ride it...
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    2.0 CR Re-map

    I had my 140 tdi cr A3 remapped yesterday at P-Torque up in Wolverhampton and wow what a difference! It just pulls so strongly now with no drop in power right till it hits the limiter just after 5k. Even low down the rev range feels much better with a bit more added torque which it just lacked...
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    Last night at our dealership we had 10 cars broken in to and had the sat nav units stolen. Two of the cars were customers. Part numbers of the units are 8P0035192S and 8E0035192T.:ohmy: No doubt these will end up on ebay but anybody looking for these just be on your guard your not buying...
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    Has Anyone re-mapped new CR 140 2.0tdi?

    As in title of thread has anyone mapped one of these new 2.0tdi if so with what results? Si
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    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi there everyone on I will start with a bit of info about myself. I have worked in an Audi dealer in the parts dept for 11years in total so know a bit about them parts wise :laugh: I currantly own a little Seat Ibiza 130tdi Fr but hopefully if everything goes to plan Im...