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  1. james0808

    R32 brake upgrade

    I fitted some years ago to my golf with 17's.
  2. james0808


    Ferrari used a screamer pipe on the F40.
  3. james0808

    MK5 R32 Brake Calipers

    I upgraded my old Golf from 312mm to MK4 R32 and the difference is amazing.They even fit behind 17" alloys.
  4. james0808

    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    Its the inlet that really needs the angle,you are better off trying to throw the air across the whole of the core rather than just allowing it to blast into one spot. Do you have any pics?
  5. james0808

    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    I am suggesting a core without the red area and better designed end tanks,inlet-outlet(diffuser,Nozzle)will work better than the whole thing as it is now with equally if not lower AIT's and less pressure drop. Keep in mind, that the merit of a core is it’s efficiency versus its internal drag...
  6. james0808

    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    It will conduct heat from the top but no where near as fast as the turbo is putting it in,so will still be hot. Why would you want to deflect hot air to the top of this core if it is relying on conduction/convection to cool?
  7. james0808

    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    If you do fit yours with the 60mm alloy pipes imo the AH one will be better than the Forge.I still think it would be even better if it was a little shorter as there isnt alot of airflow if any going through the top part of your core.
  8. james0808

    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    Not for long,he is getting his modified to how it should of been to start with.:whistle2:
  9. james0808

    S3: Fitting FMIC on saturday! What to expect?

    Good job there Dennis Moeller,a proper fmic install with correct size piping is well worth the extra effort.
  10. james0808

    S3 vs Civic Type R

    You got a link to the video?:icon_thumright:
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    What heat???All you need in our summer is windscreen wipers.
  12. james0808

    Water injection

    I wouldnt bother with wi,just fit a decent fmic and forget about it,just read the link voorhees provided,interesting about intercooler and piping sizes.:whistle2:
  13. james0808

    just fitted coilovers.and the wheels wont go on :(

    The point i think your missing is the wheels are A8 reps and not the imaginary RS8 as alot of people like to call them. I think your car looks good that low.:salute:
  14. james0808


    You really havent got a clue why the pipework goes larger in diameter from the turbo to the throttle have you? The cooler does lower temps but at what cost to the poor little turbo? The cooler will never flow enough air through a 51mm od inlet/outlet to get anywhere near the claimed...
  15. james0808


    And you dont think Audi went upto 60mm for a reason,i dont think they just guessed at that size,reducing to 51mm either outside or inside diameter is not good and will cause more of a pressure drop than 60mm,fact.
  16. james0808


    Its not just AIT's, good heat transfer in an intercooler that has a small pressure drop is what i would want. You could butcher in an ebay special and get as low AIT's,doesnt mean it is an efficent intercooler.Its easy to have high heat transfer when there is a larger pressure drop because the...
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    tufftybloke what's the pressure drop using the new core? Lower AIT's dont make it a great cooler.
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    When i wanted 'extra' power the boring Audi stayed on the drive.