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  1. manor13

    Throttle Body Spacer worth it?

    I have drawn up a list for stuff to tune my Ko3 to eek more power out of it and while browsing i found Throttle body spacer supposed to give some mid range oomph all the posts that I see on here relate to fitting them with WMI kits something I won't be doing so are they worth it, also the ECS...
  2. manor13

    Turbo intake & Throttle pipes

    I have been looking at the turbo intake and throttle pipes there's various makes available and varying prices Neuspeed being the dearest but here's the question ebay has a few sellers selling them as well from china and HK so are they all the same, cant be to may places making them but china...
  3. manor13

    New setup crossovers issue

    I bought a set off hertz 165 dieci 2 way component speakers they came with tweeters and crossovers, these are proving to be an issue. I thought i could wire the speakers to run off the oem loom but fitted one and its very faint compared to the oem on the other side so do i need to run them...
  4. manor13

    Work Done New Issue

    Looking for a second opinion, I had the thermostat replaced today and while that was being done I replaced the DV rev G with a Rev D and bolted on a DV+. Now the car has no boost its like its being held back, its not limp mode as the car drives ok. I ran the OBD scanner and it has a pending...
  5. manor13

    Spotify - Worth It

    I am trying to convince myself to start using Spotify, had my account for over a year and not used it once, I have seen folks with it but whats the benefits of the premium acc, will they let me download to my iphone etc? I only really use my ipod classic in the car but thought it might be off...
  6. manor13

    KIC Cleanfest August

    When I was at the CumbriaVag Show I noticed this and being a secret keep your car clean guy it caught my attention. Its Cleanfest in Glenrothes airfield August. its an all car show that might interest a few guys on here. cleanfest | keepitclean
  7. manor13

    Air con Problem 2006 A3

    Looking for some advice on my air con. I took it to kwik fit to get it regassed as it was blowing out hot air and they did the whole thing and went to test it and they said its not working the machine didn't say anything untowards and there was no charge as it didn't work. the operator thought...
  8. manor13

    Wheel selling advice

    I have been looking about for a guide price for flogging my A3 Sline alloys genuine Ronal 18"s they need a refurb so I was going to get that done but is it worth doing for final resale or leave as they are, quote for refurb is £160 and selling without tyres, ebay seems to be £400 with tyres not...
  9. manor13

    Road Noise Tyre Choice

    My 8P sportback has a lot of road noise which is annoying my prev ED30 wasn't as bad and it ran on Michelins from memory. the 8P is running P-Zero's all round at the moment it's my first experience of these tyres are they known for road noise? anyone had this and found a better option or is it a...
  10. manor13

    TTS Engine Cover fitting

    I had a look and lined everything up but wondered about the two long bolts, I tried removing one of the bolts but it unscrews but didn't come out the small ball mount is simple enough
  11. manor13

    Location of Bluetooth Unit?

    Driven demented for the past few days as I can't find the Bluetooth unit in a donor car, pretty certain it has it as the arm rest had phone prep ,MFSW and the basic interior light has a mic fitted in it. I have had the stereo out, glovebox and underseat storage box out and I can't find it, found...
  12. manor13

    Armrest Phone prep - retrofit

    I bought a centre console that had the OEM audi armrest fitted to it from the scrappy, in my haste I didn't open the rest up and today when I did it has phone prep inside. Its a flat plastic thing on the base of the rest with harness coming out the bottom of the rest, when I retro fit the...
  13. manor13

    Sportback the build thread

    I thought i would start my build thread, its no BT thread(yet lol) but it invloves modding something I have done with most of my cars prev had modified MKIV 180 GTI, Seat Leon FR, MKV GTI Ed30, VW Caddy MKII. I currently have co audi and the wife was getting shot of the mini and i wanted to get...
  14. manor13

    HTML countdown timers

    I noticed HTML is switched to off when I tried to add a link for an external countdown that i wanted to add to my signature or have i done it wrong? I can see why advertising and all that, just wanted to make sure.Thanks
  15. manor13

    2014 New Year, New Mods

    2014 is just around the corner so what has everyone got planned for 2014 mod or car wise? Is yours a keeper or a mover. I have been gathering a few bits but I have held of due to the weather but hope to have the following fitted in Feb-March when its a bit better. 18" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2...
  16. manor13

    Wheel Bolts

    I have recently bought a used set of TD Pro Race 1.2 in silver they came with bolts already but I wondered if anyone had tried polarised wheel bolts or coloured ones how they faired. Inject a bit of colour to brighten things up whats sizes M12 14?
  17. manor13

    A3 fitment for AUDI S4 - 8E brakes

    wondering if the AUDI S4 - 8E front brakes would fit an A3 8P they look like a 345mm setup but not to sure anyone here fitted them or know much about the S4?
  18. manor13

    Upgraded Headlight bulbs

    I have the standard DRL which are glorified sidelights but wondered if anyone had upgraded their main light bulbs for night driving as although bright(not the normal yelow light) they could be better.
  19. manor13

    S Line 06 Model what spec for steering - MFSW

    I have a 06 plate S Line 2.0 TFSI Quattro SE but the steering wheel isn't MFSW and doesn't have the Sline emblem which I have seen on other Sline non MFSW so has mine been changed to a basic wheel at some point? But I have now bought a MFSW and wanted to know what info i need to gather as its in...
  20. manor13

    Full size spare wheel mod

    On the VW mk5 Golf you can fit a full size 18" alloy spare wheel in the boot with an OEM acc pack that lifts the boot floor to accomodate it, does such a thing exist for the Audi a3 8P ?