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  1. pburv

    S3 start up noise

    Had the same noise from my 2015 S3. Got a bit louder the older it got. Was told it was the secondary air pump on cold start up. From memory I think it,s low down in the engine bay at the front? Was told not to worry about it so I didn,t lol
  2. pburv

    What have you moved on to

    Haven,t regretted changing to my Cupra Ateca from my S3 saloon. Basically an s3 but better.
  3. pburv

    Help please - S3 8V hunting on idle

    This guy on YT has just had it done.. :thumbs up:
  4. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    No problems glad to help out :thumbs up:
  5. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    Yes a cable is required to retrofit auto dim mirror. I sourced mine from Kufatec. From memory I think it was product code 40062 Your best bet is looking up Kufatec on line. You should find all the details you need. I handed everything (mirror/cable) to my local garage who fitted it for me. The...
  6. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    Here is a post asking about the same mod as you are wanting... I'm afraid I don't know much more that can help you.:grumpy: If you keep looking and asking on here I'm sure someone will help you out with the correct...
  7. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    These are part numbers I came up with on line. These might not be 100% correct so please don't take my word for it .... 8V0941531L ( Auto light switch ) 8U0955559D ( Rain sensor ) Here is a link to Aliexpress which sells the complete kit. Again please don't take my word. They might not be...
  8. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    I'm not often on the forum much these days so missed that news. Sorry @Chell85 Is @NHN still here? Maybe he could help out.
  9. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    Lol Yeah:chuncky:
  10. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    If Alix hasn't replied yet?? Try putting an @ before members name and a drop down should appear with a list of members. Click on whoever you are trying to contact and he/she should pick message up. Like this @DJAlix Hope it helps. :thumbs up:
  11. pburv

    Engine cover

    Hi mate. Try this part number... 06A103226 :thumbs up:
  12. pburv

    Would you quad exhaust an A3?

    I believe a member in this post has had it done to his car.
  13. pburv

    Would you quad exhaust an A3?

    Hi mate. Talk about 'blast from the past ' lol From what I gather this is a US standard type of diffuser for the A3 2.0t 8v saloon with twin single pipe exits. This is the site I got the pic from...
  14. pburv

    Extreme Parking

    That's a nice spec'd car buddy. :thumbs up: A3 saloons are always going to be a great looker... At least in my eyes lol
  15. pburv

    Rising used car prices.

    Wife's 67 plate Q3 has just had a price agreed @ £21500 at a ford dealership. It's just gone over 13000 miles. Needless to say we are happy with that. :chuncky: It was just over 2 months ago it was valued at £19000 on WBAC... go figure lol
  16. pburv

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    That,s a looker mate. Saloon is the best looking of the A3,s . Perfect colour also....apart from 'wedding' white of course. I,be only been following @jassyo06 TTS thread recently so missed this one. Still think your mad getting rid of the Cupra tho:sadlike: but bricks and mortar is a better...
  17. pburv

    Extreme Parking

    Jeez! Sorry I missed all that. Such a shame. To me I think the Cupra was a better car over the 8v. Hay ho lol. So what spec A3 do you have now. I couldn't tell from the pic.
  18. pburv

    Extreme Parking

    I know I haven't been on the forum much lately mate but have I missed something? Do you still have the Cupra??
  19. pburv

    S3 gone and moving over to the dark side!

    Congrats on the new motor. Love the colour :thumbs up:
  20. pburv

    My S3 departs Thursday

    Great looking car mate :thumbs up: