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  1. crazylegscrane

    For Sale A4/5 Suspension top dust covers

    Hi Dave, have you still got these for sale? If you have I’ll take them.
  2. crazylegscrane

    S5 "Black edition" grille

    Nice work, did the black ones you bought not fit then?
  3. crazylegscrane

    S5 "Black edition" grille

    Looking good jonnie, how did you fit the parking sensors in the end?
  4. crazylegscrane

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Facelift original wheels for sale fitted with winter tyres.
  5. crazylegscrane

    Sold S3 8P Facelift Wheels & Winter Tyres

    Hi All, Selling my set of winter wheels and tyres as I no longer have my S3. These are original S3 8P Facelift wheels and were refurbished but there are two wheels that have marks on now, one noticeable, one is minor. The tyres are Michelin Pilot Aplin and were used for one winter when I had the...
  6. crazylegscrane

    Winter wheels

    It’s a good option as long as you have the storage space for the wheels and I bought a trolley jack for changing them over as the standard car jack wasn’t great
  7. crazylegscrane

    Winter wheels

    I did this with my S3 but bought a set of lightweight summer wheels and fitted the standard wheels with winter tyres.
  8. crazylegscrane

    TTRS 8J more power needed

    Try Storm Developments near Reading if you are in the vicinity.
  9. crazylegscrane

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread. Winter wheels & tyres for sale
  10. crazylegscrane

    £320 For First Oil Service! WTF!

    I got the service pack after DarkyUK pointed it out in another post and it is good value
  11. crazylegscrane

    Alloy thoughts?

    I have the same as you and I much prefer these to the Standard alloys you now get with the S5.
  12. crazylegscrane

    Audi UK Service Price Match

    Found it and done it! Nice one @DarkyUK you've saved me a few pounds there! :thumbs up:
  13. crazylegscrane

    Audi UK Service Price Match

    I asked my dealer if there were any service packs available and they told me no.. I did check online but couldn't see anything, have you got a link? Also did you get your car new and get the service pack with it? Mine was a 3 month old car when I bought it and I didn't think to look at a service...
  14. crazylegscrane

    Audi UK Service Price Match

    My S5 oil service is booked for end of January and I rang 3 dealers for a quote, 2 gave the same £320 and 1 gave £330 and refused to price match, all different franchises. They said they no longer price match, they are my local dealer from which I have bought 2 cars and had both serviced there...
  15. crazylegscrane

    My A5 Small improvements

    Fitted my sweeping mirror indicators this afternoon, not too bad a job the most awkward thing I found was getting the 3 clips back on the new indicators after swapping then over. The fit is pretty good but I did find the outer edge of each indicator was a 98% accurate fit not 100% but you...
  16. crazylegscrane

    My A5 Small improvements

    Thanks chaps I will be having a go at the weekend. The video is good at showing you what has to be disconnected and I’ve had some practice getting the caps off when I changed them over previously so hopefully not too bad this time
  17. crazylegscrane

    My A5 Small improvements

    Mine have arrived now and I'm looking to install them at the weekend, once the glass is out is there anything else you need to remove to swap the indicators over?