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    Limp Mode due to DPF failure - how far can I travel?

    Guys, I have a PD170 VW Passat with the dreaded DPF issue. Yesterday morning on the way to work the DPF and EML lights came on the dash, then last night the Glow plug light came on and the car has been in limp mode ever since. I have the car booked in at Shark Performance tomorrow to have DPF...
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    Front brake disc size for 2006 A3 2.0TDI 140 FWD manual?

    As title really! Does anybody know what the front brake disc size was for a 2006 A3 2.0TDI 140 manual FWD? I cant for the life of me remember is it was 280mm or 288mm. I have a pair of caliper carriers I would like to sell when I upgraded to 312mm you see! Thanks!
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    Im looking at upgrading my god awful H7 bulbs. I really need something brigther than what I have currently got in my headlamps (standard bulbs) as at the moment I find it very dangerous driving in dark country lanes especially. Ive been looking at Phillips X-treme vision bulbs, not the cheapest...
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    170bhp owners - Has anyone removed the DPF and got a custom map?

    Was wondering if anyone here has removed the problematic DPF on their cars and had a map along with the removal of the DPF? Im getting a Passat 170 DSG soon and was looking at the custom code software with the DPF removal bypass. Any comments welcome.
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    Bye Bye A3!

    Well, after just over 3 years of owning the A3 from new, its time to get rid. So ive done a deal on a 2007 VW Passat TDI 170 DSG with low miles. I didnt want to buy a car that cost me more than what I sold the A3 for so im onto a win allready with the Passat. Im finding now im doing more and...
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    Anyone selling any OEM A3 2.0TDI S-Line Springs?

    Im after a set of OEM Audi 2.0TDI FWD 140BHP S-line springs. My A3 is a 56 plate. Cash waiting.
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    Selling my 2006 (56) A3 2.0TDI Sline, Coilovers for swap??

    Ive decided to sell my A3. Im wanting to put it back on its standard S-Line suspension but I sold the S-line springs. Ive still got the dampers. My car is currently sat on Weitec Hi-Con GT coilovers and have been on the car appx 2 years without any issues. Is anyone with the same car spec...
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    My A3 went into limp mode last night, help?

    On my way home last night my A3 2.0TDI went into limp mode. I put the car under load in 3rd gear and when it reached appx 3k revs all power was lost and drove really slow. I got to a set of traffic lights, turned car off, waited 10 seconds and re-started it and all was back to normal. Anyway...
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    WANTED: A3 2.0TDI 140 MANUAL 2WD S-Line springs wanted!

    As per title! Must be S-Line!! Thanks!
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    8P S3 MATT BLACK!!!!

    Spotted this 11/8/09 on Kingsways going towards Cheadle. Matt black 8P S3. Never seen a matt black new S3 on the road before, looked REALLY good and mean.
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    Braided brake hose kit 2.0TDI?

    Anyone know if theres a braided brake hose kit for the A3 2.0TDI? Ive done the 312mm conversion with OEM discs and DS2500 pads allready. Just wanting to firm things up a tad more without spending a fortune on a massive upgrade. Cheers.
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    Coolant loss again - going to Audi

    I had coolant light come on 3 weeks ago, checked the tank and it was below MIN. Went to Audi and got some G12 plus, topped up with coolant and water to the max mark when everything was stone cold. 3 weeks later the coolant level again is below min. Shouldnt be losing that amount of coolant so...
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    Coolant worries?

    Just after some info here. Last week my DIS flashed up COOLANT for a brief moment then went off. After my journey I checked the level and it was appx 1cm below the MIN mark on the tank. I went into Audi Macclesfield and spoke to the service manager about it to which he said it is normal for the...
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    Attemped car theft? Towing eye cover removed!!

    Noticed this morning when I parked at work that my front bumper towing eye was hanging loose. It was fine last night because I went out with the missus and it was all intact then. So it must of happened on my driveway at home. I reversed the car onto the drive so the front of the car was facing...
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    Anyone here roll on 9x19" on their A3?

    If anyone here is rolling their A3 on 9x19", can you make yourselves known on this thread please with tyre size, and offset. 9x19" only please!!!! This would be MUCH appreciated.:arco:
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    New wheels, yes another set!

    After having the Mercedes Segin wheels painted and looking brand new, and having new rubber put on them, they looked just too small and didnt cut the mustard to be a big playa at the 2009 shows. So, without even travelling a single yard on them, I sold them, and bought these: 9x19" ET41...
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    Part number needed - Pic inside!

    Can someone let me know what the part number is for the fuel filter housing lid on a 2006 Audi A3 2.0TDI 140BHP. As you may have probably noticed on yours they get very very grubby and corroded so I was looking at getting a spare and having it powder coated gloss or matt black. Pic here:
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    I need YOUR help with a ebay user who stole my pics!!!!

    ***EDIT*** - EBAY HAVE TAKEN DOWN THE ADVERT!!! Cheers everyone who has helped, its MUCH appreciated. Its been kindly brought to my attention that there is a listing on ebay right now of a Audi A3 Sline being broken. The user has used a picture of MY car without asking. Could you please be...
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    Anyone here interested in buying my mint S-Line steering wheel?

    Im thinking of selling my 2006 A3 S-Line steering wheel. It has not got the paddle shifts because my car is a manual, and it does not have multi function. It comes with the airbag. The wheel is in MINT condition, not a mark on it. If anyone is interested, send me a PM. Pics: Thanks! Mike.
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    Lamin X tint fog light film, for sale.

    Got a pair of unused, brand new, lamin x fog light film for sale. Shade is "tint". £10 INC postage. Thanks! Mike.