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  1. Audidave69

    Facelift What’s this???

    It’s used in the factory for tracking and guiding it through the various stations during assembly, there hidden all over the car.
  2. Audidave69

    Noise when in d ( idle )

    Just a quick update I called at Audi today to let one of the tech guys have a listen to the shift noise and he could hear it when shifting between drive and reverse, they have arranged to book it in for further investigation so I’ll let you know what they say.
  3. Audidave69

    Noise when in d ( idle )

    Will do vid but like you it’s so faint it’s probably hard to capture
  4. Audidave69

    Noise when in d ( idle )

    Hi there I have A5 tdi 2.0 190 s-tronic just posted this a day ago I don’t know if I’m been paranoid but have a faint dragging sound when I go from drive to reverse, if radio is on you wouldn’t feel or hear it
  5. Audidave69

    Help removing J519 connectors

    Well done :thumbs up:
  6. Audidave69

    Help removing J519 connectors

    It’s definitely easier if you remove the glovebox, just take your time and make sure you get the correct pins, it’s well worth doing and you’ll wonder how you managed without it :)
  7. Audidave69

    Help removing J519 connectors

    You should be ok driving with the auto hold not fully connected if it’s just the ground, but I would make sure the battery is disconnected before you remove or reconnect the plugs on J519 Once each plug is removed the end where the wires enter has a small cable strap that you need to cut, the...
  8. Audidave69

    A4 Saloon Puddle Lights Q

    Unfortunately there’s no wiring but you can buy plug and play kits For the lower puddle lights (white) and (red) door open lights that at present are just reflectors.
  9. Audidave69

    Bang & and Olufsen Speaker help

    Can anyone with Bang & and Olufsen Speakers tell me how the LED speaker lights work? Just wondering if these will fit my car.