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  1. Welshquattro

    Well worth watching!

    Hi all, if your into detailing or just starting out this is a great YouTube channel to watch. Great reviews on all sorts of products from lots of different companies. Luke at Tranquilitybasedetailing is well worth a watch.
  2. Welshquattro

    Waxstock 2016

    Fire risk I guess
  3. Welshquattro

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    I would have a look at Bouncers or Obsession wax. Both do some fantastic waxes.
  4. Welshquattro

    Recommend me a leather cleaner

    +1 for Angelwax Heaven for leather
  5. Welshquattro

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    Wife's old Sepang blue TT about a month ago finished with Angelwax Desirable.
  6. Welshquattro

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    Where abouts in South Wales are you?
  7. Welshquattro

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    Dodo juice panel pots are a good start! As said its more to do with the prep work than the wax.
  8. Welshquattro

    meguiars gold class leather cleaner

    Yes I have on a dark grey leather interior on a Volvo. It was fine and I think it doesn't matters about the colour of the leather tbh. I now use Angelwax Heaven for leather on my Audi A4
  9. Welshquattro

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    +1 for Angelwax and Brodster. He's very helpful and can give you some advice. I have a Mauritius blue A4 and find Angelwax desirable works really well on it.
  10. Welshquattro

    What's best polish or wax in your opinion?

    I would have a look at the Angelwax range which you can get from brodster on here. I have used most of it and for the money you can't beat it. They do a dark wax that would work well on your black Audi,I use Angelwax desirable on my blue Audi A4 which is so easy to use.
  11. Welshquattro


    Ammo NYC - Detailing World
  12. Welshquattro


    I haven't used them myself but have heard good things about them. Yeah with shipping does make them expensive to products you can get here but if that's want you fancy then why not. Have watch a few of larry's videos too and found them good.
  13. Welshquattro

    Detailing Wax/Polish for Blue A3

    I use Angelwax On my Mauritius blue A4 and it's great. Have AW Desirable which I'm more than please with and it's easy to use. I got it from Brodster on here, he can help you with Angelwax products and advice.
  14. Welshquattro

    What Pads are everybody using?

    I've use CG Hex-logic pads and they work well. Can't find how much I paid sorry but I know I got them in a sale. You will find everybody has different pads they like to use so will get different suggestion. If you look around you might find a good deal.
  15. Welshquattro

    Rubber restorer

    I use Sonax Gummipfleger rubber care on my door seals and it works great.
  16. Welshquattro

    Question of the day

    That is up to you in the end but if you do I'd go for the Das6 pro. I got one and enjoy using it as the results are great. I also got a practise panel first before I went near my car
  17. Welshquattro

    angelwax has anyone had an dealings with them

    Another vote for Mark and Angelwax products.
  18. Welshquattro

    2004 A4 B6 cab black - Angel Wax

    It's looks great! Which AW wax did you use?
  19. Welshquattro

    AW Matte/wrap products

    Hi mark Would these work ok on my wheels? When I fit my summer wheels which are a matte finish, was going to use the bilberry wheel wax but would this range be better. Also what would you suggest for cleaning and protecting alcantara seats?
  20. Welshquattro

    can anyone recomend some detailing produsts

    Have a word with Brodster on here and he should be able to help you out. He sells Angelwax which is very good range and very good for the money. View Profile: Brodster -