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    Badger5 is looking to Hire experienced mechanic/technician.

    Badger5 is looking to Hire experienced mechanic/technician. Ideal applicant has experience of VAG cars, and has ability and flexibility to learn new skills. Skills required as part of our work include basic servicing, engine/gearbox removal, engine stripping, rebuilding, including 20v cylinder...
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    Finally Release the Gen2 Cast high flow K04 exhaust manifold for K04-022/023 turbos

    OK. Its been a long time coming.. But we can Finally Release the Gen2 Cast high flow K04 exhaust manifold for K04-022/023 turbos. The First Pre-Orders are at a discounted price of £300 Including vat plus delivery. Live and available now to Pre-Order on our website...
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    S3/TT/LCR-K04 Full Induction Kit Package

    good good thanks for the feedback a few 1000's of them out there now stunned how popular they are and where they continue to all go to.. lol
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    NEW eShop live for Badger 5 Products

    Finally, a new (and fledgling) website which is somewhat more up to date, with an eShop is not live at Badger5 Online - "Its all about the flow" It will grow in its product content over time as we expand the mail order side of the business Hope you enjoy. If you see any glitches...
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    NEW High Flow K04-02x exhaust manifold - Available to buy now. Testing completed.

    For more details on this contact by phone 01453 822880 or email:
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    NEW High Flow K04-02x exhaust manifold - Available to buy now. Testing completed.

    OKies.. some of you will know of what we've been busy on recently on k04 exhaust manifold solution.. Facebook is the most up to date place to see our updates btw Anyhows.. We have commenced testing of the K04 hybrid AND High Flow K04 Exhaust manifold...
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    80mm TIP Fitting instructions

    further TIP.. oil breather pipe into TIP.. I remove the male male barbed connector off the factory hose and file off the barb which goes into the TIP.. Lube with washing up liquid and push it in.. Its very tight but once in, hose clip done up, all is good. Trimming at MAF end requried approx...
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    Badger 5 Is Closed from 7th-14th Sept

    Badger 5 Is Closed from 7th-14th Sept 2013 for holiday thanks
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    BOOKINGS - Please READ

    If wanting to make a booking please Call 01453 822880 ONLY to book in. No further bookings will be taken via pm's, txt's, facebook, messaging etc etc etc ONLY by calling the 01453822880 number Please do not use the forum posts to book cars in... The Diary is too stretched and too many...
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    2.0 140 BHP DPF code out on remap

    2009, is on change over. I would need to see the car and plug in to read he ecu to confirm my flash tool can flash it.. locked ecu's started to be the norm from about this age... Some, not all... let me know if you are passing by in it, and I can plug in and see. If I can, I can DPF off if...
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    550cc injectors

    In stock. £285 inc vat delivered UK mainland Bosch 550's with the EV14 adaptors regards bill
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    Audi A1 1.6 TDI 105 remap?

    It can be mapped yes.. This a brand new one?
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    Badger5 on Facebook

    We've a new FB page here>> Come say Hi if passing by thanks bill
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    Fuel pump & fittings upgrade for BT conversions on 1.8t

    yep. on my ebay shop
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    Badger5 fabricated large port inlet manifold

    I will be getting prices for waterjet profiled backplates, and throttle body adaptor plates in the next few days.. just got to draw up the backplate for quoting I would be welding the backplate to plenum personally, not bolting. options on outlet also tbc as what they come with is 2 x 2 lots of...
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    Discs and pads

    Options.. Ds2500's again... and plain or eliptical grooved 312mm disks For the 312mm Users on Leon Cupra/TT/S3 plain 312mm front disks - £75.42/pair Plain 23mm rear disks - £41.10/pair ultimax front disks - £195.35/pair eliptical grooved or 8-grooved - £189/pair Ultimax rear disks -...
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    ***NEW*** V3 Badger5 80mm Silicon TIP

    parts for older ones are available on V3 same as V2.2 for non esp versions yes.
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    BKD Remap and Egr coding out.

    Would be looking at £275+vat with egr delete
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    Custom Remap/Badger5 Bookings - Deposit Required when booking in

    I have to post this.. Its almost unbelieveble. Receive a call on landline today from an S3 owner with a stage 2 hybrid.. wanting to book in.. which I do for a week or so on next available slot. No problems so far, however, the badger sense is tingling.... the voice sounds just like Mr Adrian...
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    ***NEW*** V3 Badger5 80mm Silicon TIP

    New V3 Full Induction kit now listed: 80mm V3 Badger5 K04 Induction Kit-LCR/S3/TT (1.8t) With Hose Clips | eBay Options of Colours and Filters not built in to the shop enjoy