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  1. unkle

    S-tronic Question

    Hello! I used to post/live in here a very long time ago but havent owned an Audi for over a decade HOWEVER Ive seen a nice tidy low mileage sportback Thinking of buying a A3 TDI with S Tronic gearbox, are they any good? I havent ever driven an automatic, my racing around days are long behind...
  2. unkle

    TDI Opinions: 140 vs 170

    Haha! jojo :) 21984 posts and counting I recall when it was a mere 5k or so, thanks for the info the last A3 I owned had the 140 TDI engine in it and I was happy with it albeit coulda done with a bit more poke (hence the remap I guess) cheers fella
  3. unkle

    TDI Opinions: 140 vs 170

    Well.... seems I havent posted in here for quite some time tut tut :P As per title, Im thinking of returning to the 4 Rings after a 6 year hiatus.... thinking decent low mileage secondhand A3 Sportback but not sure whether to opt for 140 or 170bhp TDI engine. I like to drive something with a...
  4. unkle

    This time a wee Trance mix... Well, sort of...

    You cant beat a bit of techno nice one! :)
  5. unkle

    Strange tyre size....opinions?

    Need two new front tyres, the size is 215/45/18 which I have been told is a strange size and costs a bit more so anyone got a recommendation for somewhere cheap and reliable to go to near Leicester? Thanks! :)
  6. unkle

    plans for new years?

    Tonight.......people round for beers and a mix....tommorow though clubbing round London whoop! :)
  7. unkle

    Plasma TV Repair.

    Plasma TV is on the blink, wont come off standby, even tried replacing the remote and when I rang LG Customer support, they said it sounded like a PSU problem and gave me the number of a company that fixes TV's for them, who then offered to come pick the TV up and have a look at it for......wait...
  8. unkle


    Thanks to the admins for sorting out my password issues :D
  9. unkle

    In the market for a new van

    I owned a Vauxhall Vivaro once, 2.5 V6 Diesel was a swb low top used to fly was a pleasure to drive loads of grunt only thing I didnt like about it was it was FWD which was hassle when it was wet and heavily loaded and yeah the interior wasnt anything to write home about but then again few years...
  10. unkle


    Lol women, all sorted now she was a little bit insecure due to her last BF being a bit of a **** but we went for a nice walk and talked and had a brilliant weekend women eh cant live with them, cant kill em ;D
  11. unkle


    lol no nothing to do with the sig btw my D5 sounds far nicer than any rattly diesel A3 aye thank you ;D To summarise Boy meets girl, girl has only ever dated dickheads and loosers, girl cant get her head around why (in her words) an amazing boy like me would like a girl like her yadda yadda...
  12. unkle


    As per title, why the **** do I bother... I dont ask for much..... get ****ed over every time.
  13. unkle

    Haha thats going back some years think I sold those headlights in 2006 maybe? Best place for...

    Haha thats going back some years think I sold those headlights in 2006 maybe? Best place for German LHD headlights would be some of the headlight sellers in the 6th Sense magazine or even German Ebay. For the rear lights I got the German LHD version of them and the guy that changed them just...
  14. unkle

    My new TT has been keyed!!

    Bad luck dude, its **** when you work hard for something and some lowlife thinks they can damage it just for the sake of being a spiteful c*nt! As far as repairs go, as other people have said spend a bit extra and get it done properly nothing worse than trying to save a few quid and then not...
  15. unkle


    I was gonna do that but I found the £6 I'd save on fuel was spent as they are more expensive than Asda or even Morrisons... Sainsburys are still 5p cheaper on diesel than Esso, Texaco etc etc round here anyway
  16. unkle

    Anyone used French Toll roads much?

    Ah man well really wanted to visit but got stuck in traffic on the way there which killed what little time I had to visit Andorra, heard the fuel there is very cheap.....maybe next time :D
  17. unkle

    Anyone been to Malta?

    As per title, anyone been to or lived and worked in Malta? Ive been offered a few months work over there, I dont have any baggage in the UK to stop me going. I dont have to give my friend an answer for a few weeks yet so plenty of time to do a bit of research on the island, just wondered if...
  18. unkle

    Anyone used French Toll roads much?

    Just a quick update, had a wicked time in Ibiza, was an amazing drive, nice new roads all very quiet. Agree with people that the toll roads are well worth it, couldnt believe the price of diesel in France think its more there than here quite shocking. As far as average speed cameras go I didnt...
  19. unkle

    Superdry Clothing

    As other people have noted a lot of their X and XL stuff is a bit on the Medium side, as far as quality goes I have a lot of their t-shirts some of them have been worn to death but still in pretty good condition, I usually wait until theres a sale on and get the cheaper plainish t-shirts.