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  1. Turbo jay

    S-Line half leather seats stained after using stain remover

    If your cant find another cleaner That will remove the stain, with you could always try a fabric dye to try and cover it.
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    Rubber window seals

  3. Turbo jay

    Best Interior cleaners?

    303 aerospace protectant quality stuff. 303 Aerospace Protectant 16oz
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    Leather dyeing

    Hi mate I'm a leather technician by trade and do this sort of thing on a daily basis, first of all you will need a leather pigment rather than a dye as most leather used in car is a pigmented leather meaning it is coloured with a pigment rather than a dye. You will also need to prep the...
  5. Turbo jay

    Too cold to polish ?

    Leather doesn't need to be warm to clean or protect it, however if your cleaning it first it's best to wait till the leather is dry before applying a protection cream, obviously the leather will take a bit longer to dry when it's cold as appose to when it's warm. Most leather used it cars is a...
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    Engine Bay Cleaning

    :icon_thumright: sorry mate couldn't help myself, the child within lol
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    Engine Bay Cleaning

    Wow never heard that one before, we at least you don't have to pay for it, Might give it a go tomorrow I've got a sack full. :ninja:
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    Engine bay plastics

    303 Aerospace Protectant 16oz | Wheels & Tyres | Juicy Detailing I use this mate on all my plastics inside and engine bay good stuff.
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    Detailing box offer 2

    Put me down for one munch. Cheers
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    Leather Seat Re-Dye

    Looks much better mate, makes a world of difference and much cheaper than a re trim. I did my friends a3 on the weekend same usual wear on bolster.
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    Leather dye kits and paint type?!

    To get a maching repair to the rest of your leather, yes you will need to strip the old finish away, also if you try to apply colour over existing finish the colour wont adhere to the leather properly. Also are leather is a pigment leather so you will need to apply a leather colourant rather...
  12. Turbo jay

    Leather Treatment

    The type of leather used in cars it a pigment leather (coated) essentially a painted leather with a clear coat finish on top,the leather may or may not have been dyed throughout with aniline dyes prior to the finish coating. As the leather has a painted finish and clear coat finish there is no...
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    Leather Treatment

    There will be a specialist leather technician in your area, try searching google for someone local, I'm a leather technician but based in the northwest area.
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    Leather Treatment

    Keep your leather clean by protecting it with a leather protector and then regular cleaning. Adding 'conditioners' which generally contain oils and waxes will change the appearance of your leather over time as dirt will build up on the surface and cause a sheen. Using the correct care...
  15. Turbo jay

    Leather Treatment

    I totally agree that for some people it may not be practical, but for example If people are able to go out a buy and maintain an Audi especially a new expensive one, then the cost of a professional repair on something like the seat or bolster is not much to pay too keep your pride and joy...
  16. Turbo jay

    Leather Treatment

    For an invisible and long lasting repair for scuffs/cracks ect, the leather would need too be slightly sanded, filled,recoloured and finished and I some cases depending on the area of the repair the grain pattern would be replocated ontop of the repair, so you would never know it was there. You...
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    Leather Treatment

    Those wipes maybe ok for a quick wipe over but are not as affective as a liquid or foam cleaner and will add no protection to the leathers finish whatsoever.
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    Juicy Detailing?

    Top service and quality products from Jen at juicy detailing, can't recommend them enough
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    Waxing - Where?

    I use plenty of lubricant mate but always give it another wash after claying, to make sure you get the excess off before applying your wax/sealant, it's normal too have excess lubricant after claying.
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    Black edition seats

    I've used the rugdoctor before on my carpets and also my cloth interior in my old a3 really good machine but it wasn't a steam cleaner tho it was a carpet cleaning machine, and used it with there own upholstery cleaner work a treat. I also used stain guard my old cloth seats makes removing...