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    APR drop stage 2 remaps

    Saw a few posts today about APR pulling their stage2 remaps due to emission regulators and fines and potential end to decats Quite a change for the tuning world if it filters through everyone else Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
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    Facelift FL stage1 remap graphs

    Anyone got any graphs from their tunes / tuners. Wanted to compare some as few bits in my graph are quite different to what I recall on others but struggling to find any on sites or facebook now for some reason. I'm sure there used to be plenty about. Would also be interesting to do an overlay...
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    Facelift New exhaust due to valve stick

    Was a bit surprised but thought I would share. Rs3 8v 20k miles. My valve was squeaking, still working but just annoying hearing noise. Audi didn't have a fix so exhaust had to get replaced Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Exhaust flap controller & sticking & remap

    Noticing an odd noise occasionally on start or stop but tracked it down to frequently happening at 3.5k revs. Is this when exhaust flaps open (had thought that was 4k). Anything else happen at 3.5k that could cause a sort of squeal like an unoiled hinge. Was looking at active sound controller...
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    Facelift Remap - anyone done it yet on facelift

    I know a few of us spoke about remsos and waiting on some conpanies putting them out but wondered if anyone had done it yet, who with and how thdy are getting on with it as i still fancy in and that's 5k miles on clock now APR still not out? Litchfield thought price went up, but still fastest ...
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    480bhp upgrade only £600

    Litchfield (famous GTR/Scooby) tuner have announced they are doing 480 bhp stage 1remap for only £600. Lot cheaper than i was expecting ! Stage 2 at 500 bhp jumps up as looks like it needs new intercooler Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Facelift 3.7 to 60 and 8.9 to 100

    I'm loving this facelift more and more. Just saw this review with measured timings. Amazing standard times. Sub 9 to 100 is nuts Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Remap by MRC 490bhp

    Exciting! Just saw them post the ttrs remap they did. Looks like stage1 is 490bhp @5500rpm . Believe that's without the intercooler Going to be a beast. Can't wait Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Chris Harris review -Rock solid ride

    Anyone see the actual review yet? I saw him post up on Twitter saying it had a rock solid ride and terrible alloys. I'm worried about the ride as dealer talked me out Mag ride as it doesn't make it stiffer, only harder and tighter Comments? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Anyone tuning yet? 500bhp? Gorgeous carbon intake +20bhp

    Havent even got my Saloon yet but already looking at tunes. I noticed this is out and nearly out for the saloon. Looks gorgeous, hopefully opens up even more noise from the engine, and gives extra 20bhp. Hopefully even more with a tune. Quite fancy next year to be running 500bhp in the saloon...
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    Facelift Facelift - Order/Options dilemas - Anyone in same boat

    Looking to order a new RS3 Saloon and wonder if im having the same dilemas as others and how you fixed it. I miss my S4 and want to get back into Audi but never had the choice of a new one until now. Choices/Choices. Sports Exhaust - Worth the 1k if it doesnt pop and bang on driving? Looks nice...
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    Crail Ultimate Scottish Street Car - Tomorrow

    Anyone going to this for some 1/4 mile racing?
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    GIAC S4 Remaps £900 - Anyone used it rather than REVO

    I have been reading the American forums about the GIAC remaps for the B8 S4 and they seem to get some good reviews after the APR remaps. I see there are companies in the UK doing them locally now and the remaps seem a good bit cheaper than the REVO or APR ones and was wondering if anyone has one...
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    S4/A4 Tyres 19s

    Im used to buying wide 19"s for my last BMW but was wondering what tyres everyone is swapping the defaults with on the s4 or a4 if they use the same size. Pirelli rosso on it just no and they look about ~£240 on most sites Falken 452 (classed as ultra high performance on my tyres site are £155...
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    S4 - How many miles to a tank do you get

    I wondered about this before I got the S4 and I'm curious to see what everyone else is getting. Even when I drive carefully the mpg is a million miles off book :-) I have still to hit more than 300 miles to a full tank. (just until the fuel light comes on, although it drops quick once its on...
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    Hill Hold - Brilliant other usage

    I have hill hold assist and didn't really know when I would ever bother using it but when sitting in traffic I realised it can be used for making jams that little bit easier. If you have hill hold on when you are in a traffic jam, it automatically puts the brake on for you and then when you move...
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    Pics of my white s4 b8

    Got round to giving it a wash and taking some pics so thought I would share them
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    Launch Control

    Just wondering if anyone has tried it and how brutal it is or how much difference it makes? Do any of you guys ever do 1/4 mile drag racing? Any idea of times from the car.
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    New owner of s4

    My BMW 335d has now sold and I have Just agreed the purchase of my new s4 :-) Super excited and the fastest standard car I have had. Got plenty of toys on it so really looking forward to ownership. I never realised you could get surround sound in a car or a 7 speed DCT. Don't pick it up until...
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    DSG issues with remap

    Hi, I have always had modified cars and im looking at swapping my BMW 335d with remap for a new 2011 s3. I test drove the manual and it wasnt bad but quite fancy the DSG however have been reading about a lot of issues with clutch slip after a remap. I see lots of posts on here about clutch...