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    Kowalski Details v E92 320i

    Really good work Nathan, such a difference. I'm looking forwards to you doing mine very soon.
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    Motech ECU Software

    His name has been around for a while, but I'd use Shark Performance, got my car done by N8 @ Kowalski Details, he can travel to Northampton also ;)
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    2006 140 Remap

    It's not about the bhp figure, it's about how it drives and how the power is delivered. N8 from Kowalski Details mapped my car, he is a Shark Performance dealer. I'm very very happy with the way car drives, power is great, and flawless delivery all the way to the red line. Give N8 a shout, as...
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    Who wants a RS3 bumper? :) Price is 550 Euros if I can not use it with regular wings

    He's not laughing at the fact his car is a diesel though Kelvin. He's laughing at the pictures of the wings, SHOCKING. The fit looks HORRENDOUS.
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    What I've been upto! LOTS of pics!

    Outside the Casa Blanca, what a touch! Killin' it on these rims N8, didn't like the RS6s at all, they did nothing for your car, and I know your next set will probably top everything to touch this fine SB :wub:
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Last pics of my cabriolet:
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    Yin Kit and his Brother Gym Kit are interested in remap, please reply to

    Yin Kit and his Brother Gym Kit are interested in remap, please reply to
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    project A3,,,,DUB low life!!

    Who is arguing? This is a forum, where discussions take place and people have opinions.
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    project A3,,,,DUB low life!!

    Cars looking killer Luke! I've never been a great fan of silver on silver, but Trav has taken some cracking pics here and I can't wait to see the shoot. I always used to fall asleep when I looked at your S5 seats. They are a very BORING looking seat, I know you bought your car with black and...
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    Helios......Round 2!

    Really enjoyed working on the car today, the coilovers and rims made such a difference i was unreal. Sorry it was unreal. :laugh:
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    "N8" Nathan kowalski appreciation thread :)

    He is my best friend, so everyone back off he's mine!!!!!! lol.... No ****!
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    I Guess I Went "In"

    I love this car its so amazing its the best car i have ever seen.
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    Are these colis adjustable

    I think im in LOVE for the first time, first time! With my V-MAXX coilovers. All jokes aside now, the V-maxx coilovers i purchased through N8 KOW are really good, i have mine set to maximum hard and it still rides smoothly even with the stretch. When the winter fell i set all four corners to...
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    Sportback & Cabby Photoshoot!

    Im with kuro, it looks sick...:puke2:
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    Sportback & Cabby Photoshoot!

    People people to all those not understanding N8's stance claiming it doesn't look correct need to appreciate that its sitting on air bags meaning that with the touch of a button it can be raise to suit anyone's stance requirements, Thankyou goodnight :thumbsup:
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    Sportback & Cabby Photoshoot!

    Nice 1 Lea, Haven't spoke 2 u 4 ages hope ur well. Hopefully steering wheel next along with the s4 mirror shells. The rs6 steering wheel is a must have for sure.
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    Sportback & Cabby Photoshoot!

    Really appreicate the comments sarah, watch this space tho because its not finished yet. Got a couple more tricks up my silk sleeves lol
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    Sportback & Cabby Photoshoot!

    Nice 1 sarah...:cool: