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  1. J

    For Sale B6 rear number plate light wiring harness

    Genuine part, bought for my B6 but never got round to fitting and discovered in garage clear out. 8E0 971 145 still in original box. Selling on eBay for around £50 £30 posted.
  2. J

    For Sale Genuine bluetooth module/amplifier

    Bought these years ago for my B6 A4 and never got round to fitting them, came across them when clearing out garage. 8P0 862 335D and 8E0 035 456. Just the units, no cables. If I remember correctly they came out of an A3 (I bought them off this site) £50 posted?
  3. J

    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    Do you still have this? Looking for a list of items.... can details them if you still have the car...
  4. J

    A4 B6 - Mystery Coolant problem

    I had something similar to this a couple of years ago, ended up being the head gasket starting to fail, only happened once car was fully warmed up, thermostat open and system fully pressurised, replaced and no problems since then.......
  5. J

    OEM rear parking sensor retrofit

    Hi all, I have acquired an S4 rear bumper for my avant and it has the genuine OEM parking sensors fitted. I have managed to get it with the parking sensor control module, speaker and a bunch of wiring. Has anyone retrofitted this before and do they have a guide? Tried searching through the...
  6. J

    replacing vacuum pipes

    Evening all, I did a full service on the car today and noticed that quite a few of the numerous vacuum pipes are starting to show their age, particularly the one that goes on to the top of the turbo vacuum pump. Plenty of replacement silicone pipes available on eBay, but has anyone done this...
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    Help- Avant rear seat release broken

    hi all, I have an avant and the release catch for the single side of the rear seat has broken so I can't release it. This is now a major PITA as I can't drop the other part of the seat due to the rear load cover being in place and this can't be moved as you need to drop the single side first...
  8. J

    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    I have a bunch of stuff I need gone from my garage......
  9. J

    Headed seat wiring ???

    Sounds very strange, I got a set of instructions with my Kufatec harness and all the cables had tags on them for ID purposes as well…...
  10. J

    Gear selection issues

    Turns out the bush holding the gear lever and selector shaft had failed, Audi do a repair kit so job done and dusted in about an hour......
  11. J

    Gear selection issues

    Evening all, For the last few weeks I have been experiencing some problems in getting my car into 6th gear, tonight I lost everything. The car will reluctantly go into reverse, but I now cannot select any gears apart from 3rd and once in gear it is very very reluctant to come out. Anyone else...
  12. J

    Best bluetooth option

    Hi all, I have a B6 A4 which I have had a couple of RNS-E units in. Initially a MK1 unit, with a genuine bluetooth module/mic in the roof which worked fine until the module got a fault after several years. I recently installed a MK2 unit from an A3 (swapped the fascia's over), but despite...
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    Help! Drone front drivers side

    I had a similar problem with the N/S/F on mine, turned out it needed a new wheel hub eventually....... The other problem could be with the ABS control module, if one of the valves is sticking then it doesn't fully release the pad......
  14. J

    1.8T quattro sport breaking

    saloon or avant? looking for an avant s-line boot spoiler and twin cut out rear bumper?
  15. J

    New discs / pads for 312mm setup

    Pagid from Euro or Brembo from GSF......
  16. J

    Eibach Sportlines or Pro Kit???

    Didn't do B5 perches and mine was a sport so almost no drop (then again my suspension was knackered.....) Not sure how to add pics, sure I have some floating around.....
  17. J

    Eibach Sportlines or Pro Kit???

    I fitted the Pro kit earlier this year to stay as close as possible to OEM, best decision I ever made, they're brilliant......
  18. J

    Cruise control speed Q

    Mike, I would say you have a definite problem with your cruise then, all cruise systems fitted to the B6 operate exactly the same regardless of the age of car......
  19. J

    Cruise control speed Q

    Mine maintains the same speed up and down hill, and yes the cruise can apply the brakes to reduce the speed, ESP system also using the application of brakes to keep a car in line, all done through the electronics.....