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    Leaky RS3 transfer box...... again.

    Mine also did that sometimes, read in here it was normal :O
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    Oh dear lord! RS3 is for Gangsta’s!!

    Was this English? i cant understand a word they said as a Swede.
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    Carwow Drag Race - Post WLTP

    I always wonder who the other drivers are when they have a line of 4-5 cars racing each other. Is it some hipster cameraman who normaly drive a Toyota prius? or is it some soyboy who has never driven a car with over 100 hp before? The cars that Mat Watson drives is normally winning all the races.
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    M5 Temptation

    Used M5 comp in Sweden is 120k + 1400 every year for the first 3 years in tax + 300ish every month for insurance. :sob:
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    M4CS to RS3...

    Im probably in the wrong place to say this but i definitely prefer my BMW 440i with MPPSK over my PFL RS3, having the M3 CS over the RS3 would be a no brainer for me.
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    Too many owners?

    Thats why you should never cheap out on tiers :) with mps4s and sport + you will have good grip in most weathers. Also having no turbo lag and a non clunky gearbox is gold for me.
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    Too many owners?

    In the RS3 you will get 20ish mpg, lower in the city. Being a previous owner of an RS3 and M140i i would seriously consider the M140i over the RS3 and defently over the S3. That b58 engine with BM3 tune and ZF gearbox is close to perfection for a lot less money.
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    Launch Control not changing gear

    Mine did the same thing when i launched it in the wet, hitting the rev limiter hard when the car was in S auto with traction fully off. Car was also stage 1.
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    DV+ on the rs3

    For me who hates turbo lag DV+ seems like a miracle, has anyone tested it? It's supposed to "sharper the throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and the ability to hold as much boost as you can throw at it."...
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    M4 Competition vs RS3 FL

    Good review, how is the low end torque in the M4 zcp compared to the rs3? and is the fuel consumption the same as the rs3?
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    Still in Love with the RS3 or wanting something else?

    You shouldn't underate a tuned m135i :)
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    Still in Love with the RS3 or wanting something else?

    How is the low end power in the m3/m4 comp? i have read that the normal m3/m4 have a ton of low end torque but the comp models have more power in the middle to make the car grip better. @FBF01 I have the PFL rs3 so with stage 1 i have 420hp. Like you said, the rs3 is probably faster but with...
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    Still in Love with the RS3 or wanting something else?

    Well my RS3 was twice the price and slower than my M135i, or it felt like it was slower because the M135i have soo much torque at 1400 rpm, both were stage 1 tuned. I had my M135i for two years and it had no issues at all, the first month with my Audi i had issues with brakes and rusty rear...
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    Still in Love with the RS3 or wanting something else?

    I really fell in love with my M135i then i sold it because i thought the grass is always greener on the other side... and bought my rs3. I ended up not likning it as much as my M135i so next year im going back to bmw, hopefully a F80 M3 zcp.
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    Under 35k

    Bmw M140i with some minor mods and a tune, i almost prefer that car over my rs3.
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    Winter storage

    It's a Audi not a limited edition ferrari ;)
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    Facelift Winter wheel suggestions

    1) Let someone with experience change them. 2) You have probably sold the car long before the salt does any damage. 3) I would personally never put 18's on a performance car but each to their own. I guess the main reason why i dont buy new wheels is because the car looks so riced up with...
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    Facelift Winter wheel suggestions

    Why buy new wheels when you can just swap the tires and save the money for your next car? :)
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    Is anyone actually happy?

    Sometimes you just dont feel like flooring it to get past another car :)
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    Is anyone actually happy?

    Im happy i have owned and experienced the pfl RS3 but next year i will swap it for an M3 competition. Never buying a car with turbo lag ever again!