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    NO Audis but so funny

    had a couple of beers then watched this and i cried ,with laughing excellent
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    Renault 5 Gt turbo

    fragile under developed pieces of **** with sales riding on the back of rally heritage to wich there were no resemblance,warped heads lifted liners and destroyed gearboxes the norm and body shels made of tin foil absolutely awful,its french and thats no excuse for making a substandard product...
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    Vauxhall Nova's

    old skool in a way easy to mess with and adapt been there seen it done it,excellent for what it was but way past its sell by date now and ruined by the asbo weilding council estate mentality it attracted towards the end and never a true classic in the making
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    peugeot 106 XND. RAPID!!

    its french need i say any more
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    BMW M5 (original E34)

    i cannot argue about this car being sub zero,but don,t forget the pioneers
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    headlight problem

    i have found and cured the problem,whilst using 100 watt dip and 120 watt main beam headlight bulbs has caused it to burn the headlight switch out
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    bmw m535i e12

    mine was in black with ONU 404J registration wich was taken off a paper blue vauxhall viva so we could run round with black and silver plates on it just to add to the mystery i also cleaned up the ports matched the inlet manifold and throttle body then +2mm butterfly and straight through exhaust...
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    bmw m535i e12

    i have owned two of these many years ago,this pioneer paved the way for many more exciting products from bmw the follow up being the e28 b9 and 10 alpina.the first e12M i bought ran it for a couple of years then i sold to a good freind of mine and he still has the car today and it is still as...
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    A should I buy question....

    mine has done 150k with no real problems,front wishbones changed under warranty and i dont know why,apart from the odd electrical problem nothing major.i managed to suck the valve stem seals out of it doing the usual 50 to 90mph point and squirt round the bends and down the short straights in...
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    A8 - First time buy, advice wanted!!

    i bought my a8 4.2 with lpg fitted wich was done by the previous owner,it returns me 22 mpg and i pay 39p per litre from doncaster,compared to unleaded it works out at about 80 to 100 miles on a tenner depending on how i drive it but the system wich he had fitted switches over to petrol at...
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    Looking at an A8

    go for the 4.2 as there is virtually no difference in economy,if you can get one with lpg you are laughing expect to pay a little more but if you do make sure you have the fitting certificate.i run lpg on a 4.2 and im getting 22mpg at the bargain price of 39p per litre wich is cheaper then...
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    headlight problem

    i have a 95 a8 quattro and the problem is no dip or main beam,sides fogs and flash are there a relay just for this function if so where is it.