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  1. JimmyH

    Coilovers (ST,KW,AP...)

    Hello, As per the title i am looking at some coilovers from either KW, AP or ST, has anyone got any experience with the aforementioned with regards to ride quality? ideally i'd like to retain a decent amount of ride quality and comfort. thank you in advance. james
  2. JimmyH

    Front caliper identification??

    hello guys, i need some one to confirm what calipers these are off (A4 TFSI, A4 3.0tdi...) and what disc size they take 312mm or 320mm? thank you in advance
  3. JimmyH

    hello to all

    good morning people, my name is james, i currently reside in norfolk at RAF Marham. my daily drive is a 2007 A4 Sline, at present it is pretty much standard but that is soon to change. look forward to getting to know members on here.