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    6 Year Update

    Quite happy with this. Should have ordered decals in advance though.. Going for the rings in white Here's what they looked like before..
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    6 Year Update

    Had the A6 BiTDi for just over 6 years. Apart from the new Turbo and a few minor things to fix, it's been a joy. I have been umming and arring about changing it but as it's completely paid off and I've only put about 40K miles on it I just can't justify taking on finance for something better...
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    A6 Le Mans headlamp fault

    I think the Le mans is the previous generation so you'd need to post this in the Audi A6 (C6 Chassis) forum.
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    New Tyres

    My MOT is coming up this month and so checking my tyres the front two needed replacing. Looked at Black Circles and On The Drive. Not much in it and I thought I may as well see what Kwik Fit are charing. I expected them to be more but surprisingly they were cheaper and they also do a mobile...
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    Possible purchase

    I had quick look on auto trader and you can get 3l models for that price with similar mileage. When I bought mine I test drove a 2l A6 and it did persuade me to get it over a Jaguar XF (which I was considering). I ended up getting the BiTDI though and I would choose the larger engine over most...
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    Fuel Cap Door Lock Sticking

    I've had to do this on mine. It was a couple of years ago mind but I remember having to puncture holes in the casing and replace that as well as the actuator.
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    Squeaky Steering

    No, I've not really noticed it recently so it's slipped my mind. No doubt next time I drive I'll hear it.
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    Squeaky Steering

    I'll check power steering fluid level. There's no grinding just a little squeak at certain points in the rotation.
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    Squeaky Steering

    OK, so I hope this is nothing and I'm just being hyper sensitive as I can't contemplate another bill.... I've noticed that there's a bit of a squeak from the steering when doing low speed manoeuvres, parking etc. Could it be early signs of a power steering issue or just a bit of wd40 required...
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    One for the BiTdi guys

    The A6 Bitdi is the same engine as the older SQ5 (the new ones are petrol I think). My only suggestion is get a warranty if you can. If your turbo or similar needs replacing it's a lot of money. It's not a common problem but it's an expensive one. You can look at my previous posts about it. It's...
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    3 Years

    I've just passed 3 years ownership of my A6 bitdi. In that time... 20,000 miles driven 1 water Pump replaced 2 accidents (rolled into a tree stump, shunted at a roundabout) 1 windscreen replaced 2 wheel bearings replaced 1 turbo replaced 1 EGR valve replaced 4 new tyres 4 brake pads replaced 4...
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    What Carista changes have you made?

    I did as above. I think I activated the remember stop start choice or that might have been already enabled.
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    Remapping 3.0 bitdi recommended providers?

    What results did you get?
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    Looking for a 2015/16 2L Black Edition - Advice needed

    Heated seats are nice in this weather.
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    Bodyshop recommendation Manchester ???

    These guys in trafford park did a good job on my insurance claim. They are audi approved - I think they replace and spray panels rather than get the hammer out so $$$
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    New A6 BiTdi Owner

    I'd advocate extending the warranty over a remap... See my turbo thread.
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    Humming Noise

    That doesn't sound like mine did.
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    P0299 - Turbocharger/Supercharger "A" Underboost Condition

    OK, car back with me now. I did my best to recreate the conditions for the light to come on but (holds breath) it appears to be fixed. Engineer explained that they charged the turbo to diagnose it and that is independent of the egr valve so definitely needed replacing although he maf/map sensor...
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    P0299 - Turbocharger/Supercharger "A" Underboost Condition

    I will be doing that. I had a senior technician explain to me last time that the fault with the turbo was measured using different equipment to the sensor that was faulty and so the turbo was definitely faulty too. I'll be definitely asking to speak to him again to explain how they test the...
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    P0299 - Turbocharger/Supercharger "A" Underboost Condition

    Update: They have now told me they need to replace the EGR valve.. Anyone know if a dodgy EGR valve could cause the Turbo to be damaged somehow? I suspect this is what they are going to tell me when I next go to pick it up.