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  1. Cheese

    Smaller Offset Wheels or Spacers - How is S3 Handling Affected?

    My 2010 S3 comes with 18" 7.5J ET54 wheels. These are 11.5kg. My question is to all those with spacers or lower offset wheels fitted - how has it affected the handling of the car? I am particularly interested in the opinions of those who have just fitted spacers with standard wheels. I am...
  2. Cheese


    Guys, I am pretty certain I will be getting some new wheels in the next couple of weeks. I have narrowed it down to two options and just need to make a decision... My car at the moment: BBS CH-R Anthracite: TTRS Grey:
  3. Cheese

    19" for my Silver S3

    Hey Guys, I am thinking about some new wheels because I am getting coilovers and a new set of tyres at the end of the month anyway. I would have to dip in to my savings but I would quite like winter and summer wheels. What do you all think about these BBS: Any alternatives my fellow forum...
  4. Cheese

    Air Conditioning Service

    A couple of months after having my car serviced I have just had a phone call out the blue from Audi saying that it needs to go back in for its 2 year aircon service at £99. WTF!?! Never had that on previous cars. Apparently, if I get a fault with it andhaven't had the service my warranty on...
  5. Cheese

    S3 Slight Judder As Boost is Coming On

    From 1700rpm - 2500rpm I get a (very) slight juddering as boost is coming on. This doesn't happen with a WOT. It is more noticeable in the cold and in lower gears. Could this be a very minor hose leak, an issue with the DV or typical behaviour as pressures are just fluctuating slightly as the...
  6. Cheese

    Bilstein B14 coilovers or similar

    I am seriously considering a set of Bilstein B14. At £500 less than the B16 with adjustable damping they are a fair bit cheaper. I am just concerned that they will be too hard. The advantage with the B16 being that if they are to hard they can be soften up by adjusting them. Chances are...
  7. Cheese

    Recommend a Track Day

    My 30th birthday is coming up soon (February) and my dad has kindly offered to get me a track day or similar. Budget is around £200 and I live in the Surrey area. I would rather not do it in my own car - I would be keen to have a go in a 911 Turbo, GT-R, etc. or similar. Any recommendations?
  8. Cheese

    Silver S3 Rear Bumper Damage

    I have minor damage (a dent about the size of a 5 pence piece) to my rear bumper thanks to a low flying bollard and a lack of due care and attention. I have asked Audi to quote me for a repair and quote me for a parking sensor retrofit. Wait for it... Bumper Repair Cost = £621.65 Parking...
  9. Cheese

    Engine Hesitation - TSB

    2021227/2 Powertrain / Function / Engine problems while driving Powertrain / Function / Driveability (engine) Powertrain / Function / Lack of performance 01 Light engine hesitation under acceleration at steady throttle application at 2500 rpm and 3800 rpm Interesting reading in light of some of...
  10. Cheese

    Fine Scratch Removal

    Can anyone recommend a company for fine scratch removal from the windscreen? I have a rough price of £80 - £150 from a company named glass doctors that will come to your home to do it.
  11. Cheese

    Flat Spots in Map (intermittent)

    I am finding that under acceleration in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th my map seems to have flat spots between 3,000rpm and 4,000rpm. It is most often noticeable in 4th and perhaps nearly as much in 3rd. The problem is not always present but 10-20% of the time, when I give it between 3/4 and full...
  12. Cheese

    H&R Lowering Springs

    I am considering H&R Lowering Springs on my S3 but am concerned about damaging my car on speed bumps. Any fellow forum members care to comment on this...?
  13. Cheese

    H&R Front ARB only!

    I have my 2010 S3 in at AMD Woking at the moment for a few bits including a full turbo-back exhaust and a front and rear ARB upgrade. I ordered the front (24mm) and rear (26mm) H&R. I have just had a call from the garage to explain that everything has been fitted except for the rear ARB. The...
  14. Cheese

    Uprate Anti-roll Bars

    I am seriously considering uprated anti-roll bars to improve handling on my S3. I have concerns over the detrimental effect it may have on ride comfort, especially considering how bad UK roads are. Can anyone who has had a similar modification done comment on this?
  15. Cheese

    Milltek - Jet or Special Tips?

    Hi, I am getting a full Milltek exhaust system for my S3. Not sure which tips to get so I thought I'd throw it out to the floor for opinions: (1) JET-STYLE TIPS (2) SPECIAL TIPS Thanks in advance, Craig