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    Finding the exact spec of my Audi?

    You can use the MyAudi app... I have it on iOS. It will ask for the chassis number of your vehicle then once your on your account you can see the spec of your vehicle. Works on my 2013 model so I’m pretty sure it must work for anything they have on file Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Iphone 5

    run out of ideas. Lol don't be silly with the amount of patents they own. Possibilities are not short. Apple are the masters of product subserdising. Squeezing money out of something old is brilliant for a company and its exactly what Audi did with the a3 platform with the s3 then rs3...
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    Go England!

    Yeah 1 on target ;) jk
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    STEVE JOBS - The Heart Of APPLE Computers Dies

    Who knows mate. Most of us learned of his passing from the very devices he put his life into.
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    I used to paintball professionally for a team. Search sup air paintball on YouTube. Then you see some real paintball guns
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    Vehicle wrapping question

    Basically I'm contemplating getting my a3 wrapped in gloss White. Basically there are a few small minor dents around the car and one or two chips. Can a wrap still be applied? Do I need to get all the imperfections fixed first etc? Or will the wrap hide them more ? Must be someone...
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    Audley Harrison vs David Haye

    haye . his parents live next to my uncle in lewisham..... uncle said hes a rite ***** bas,,rd about boxing and a nice guy other than that
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    Blackberry PIN Messenger? or Whatsapp?

    Does anyone here have blackberry messenger? or whatsapp messenger? Maybe it could be usedfull for people to connect away from the forums when needing help with anything. As its becoming increasingly popular? PIN: 217B41C5