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    Nice delivery.. What's in the box?

    Imagine being the one to open this: Now thats got to put a smile on your face!:yahoo: Apologies if it's been seen already! Where's me cheque book then.....
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    David Leslie (ex touring car champion) in that plane crash..

    According to - "The dead have not been officially identified but are believed to include ex-touring car champion David Leslie and racing team owner Richard Lloyd." R.I.P. to all 5 of them
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    David Coulthard this morning..

    For those who didnt see the live race and as there is little chance they will transmit his comments later.. DC was in post-crash interview with Louise Goodman, discussing Felipe Massa.. he talked about 'beating three kinds of **** out of the little *******'! DC --> :asskicking: <-- Massa...
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    Best forum ownage ever..!

    Hope this isnt a repost for y'all: (If so, apologies!) It seems there's this Honda NSX driver, initially trying to spam a few NSX forums to drum up business for his online gambling sites.. tries it at the NSX Prime forum, and they wont have any of it.. he tries denying it when challenged...
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    Wonderful roads and views - dialup beware!

    Ok, so I'm a loooooooooong way from home, this aint dear old blighty for sure.. But I was armed with a day to kill, my D200 and a bag of lenses, a love of exploring and a godawful rental car.. Dont care about the car when its a trip like this though! Hows this for an awesome view as you...
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    Thought this was a spoof, but it appears not..

    so next time you need a gift for a special mate, you know the one, he acts like a c**t most of the time.. or a top wind-up.. try this: (caution, some may be offended.. I, however was roflmao!) you need to go to the english site, read the...
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    fun with airbag module...

    well fun for some, perhaps!
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    New A6 driving video

    very important you watch this video clip right to the end.. only then should you comment.. I suspect you may have several observations to make.. :scared2:
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    How BMW drivers get their reputation - part II

    Well he's still at it...
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    How BMW drivers get their reputation

    :asskicking: I confess I used to have one of these, (330d), great car - didnt drive it like this though! honest! :hi:
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    American vs European..

    Apologies to Justincredible, who is a top motoring enthusiast and worthy of respect : :respekt: This is still top entertainment: Jeremy Clarkson on American vs european : parts 1 through 9 watch out for his 'herpes' summary of the Z06 - very...
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    Took the plunge - Porter cable and loads of stuff..

    Having been talking about this for AGES and never doing it, I have finally ordered my Porter cable, transformer and sonus pads etc.. Thanks to Polished Bliss, Ive read every one of their guides on their site, and the stickies here (compiled the lot into a word doc for some colleagues too, sad...
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    Reversing ability

    Scary that we share the road with people who are fundamentally not in control of their vehicles. Compulsory re-tests every 5 years, (while bound to have some flaws and loopholes), would remove a significant percentage of these dangerous losers, and encourage others to put the effort in to...
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    Beer before it starts

    A man came home from work, sat down in his favorite chair, turned on the TV, and said to his wife "Quick, bring me a beer before it starts". She looked a little puzzled, but brought him a beer. When he finished it, he said, "Quick, bring me another beer. It's gonna start." This time she...
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    'Boys on Wheels' - wrong, so wrong.. very wrong.. but I lol'd, lots..! so I thought I'd share it! Turn your sound up, and enjoy this new boy band.. :thrashi:
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    New hot tub

    New hot tub, mates invited to try it out, you're loving it.. v funny: