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  1. sparkysi90


    Hi all, Right... Last week I was giving the s3 an... Enthusiastic drive round truxton race circuit! At about 15:30 enging managmeman light comes on, that's the end of that... Read the codes it saying MAF. luckily I had a spare at home so I put this in and the lights go and car feels ok. On the...
  2. sparkysi90

    What 1.8 engine for S3?

    Evening all I'm looking at getting an engine for a rebuild project. Car has a BAM engine at present and I would like the swap to be as easy as possible. I assume that going large port head would be worth going for if I'm doing this. So what would be the best engine to buy as a base for the...
  3. sparkysi90

    Brake pedal problem

    Evening all I have had a look at previous threads and havnt found exactly what I need. I fitted all new brakes to the s3 yesterday, put the Leon cupra r brembos on new disks and pads all round. I Bled all the callipers and flushed through 1.5litres of fluid. Now when I depress the brake pedal...
  4. sparkysi90

    Clutch and flywheel kit?

    Hi guys As the title clutch is gone and looking for a SMF kit. ECP do a valeo one which is cheap also looked at CG Motorsport ones? power wise I'm just at stage one what kits do you recommend? Thanks Simon
  5. sparkysi90

    Bad vibration??

    Hi I have just fitted eibach ARB'S Bilstein b8s and eibach springs to my s3 new drop links too. To fit the front ARB i had to take the subframe down and release the dog bone mount etc. (dog bone is red diesel one fitted a month or so back) Since I have done this the car vibrates alot on idle...
  6. sparkysi90

    Stance plus tie bars??

    Hi guys I have been looking for some cheaper alternatives to the forge part and stumbled across these.... Anybody have any experience with them? Thanks for you help in advanced!!
  7. sparkysi90

    MOT fail on emissions help?

    Hi all just after a bit of advice read alot about the dalt code but would just like to hear what u guys think. MOT failed on emissions Vcds brings up 17861 - exhaust gas temp sensor 1 (g235) p1453 - 35-00 - open or short to plus The guy at garage recons it could be the lamda sensor am I right...
  8. sparkysi90

    S3 vagcom faults please help!!

    Hi guys my engine management light came on yesterday so had a friend with vagcom run a scan today and iv attached the results. Can anyone help me as to what could be the problem with the 3 engine errors and possibly solutions for the problems? Thanks
  9. sparkysi90

    s3 rear end problems?!?!

    Hi guys New to this so forgive me if this has been answerd... I have searched and only found one post that didn't really answer my problems!.. I purchased an s3 2002 reg and turns out the rear tyres seem worn on the outside more than the inside assuming the camber is out (car hasn't been...