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    Pricing Advice

    Well alas need to sell my car, anyone comment on what sort of price these are getting, I was thinking about 19k + and a dealer offered me 17k trade-in It is a Nov 58, with FBSW, Cruise, and RNS Mk2 with only 13k miles. very good condition. Many Thanks for any advice.
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    Another thanks to Nigel -

    Nigel came and visited me a few week ago and waved his magic wand. This was cruise control being fitted, which I love using to help with those MPG's. And then "we" fitted a new RNS-e mk 2 New ariel needed, bah End result: Great bit of kit........and of course Top Job, Top...
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    More questions....sorry

    I need to replace two front tires on the S3 should I match these to the same manufacturer as the rears (continental sport, i think) or am I ok just putting two new Mich P3's on. Also anyone know if this is a new RNS-E or the old one. Audi RNS-E MMI S3 A3, DVD GPS, CHROME, MP3 sat nav | eBay...
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    2008 58 S3 Bose

    Was looking at a car at the weekend advertised with Bose, couldnt really play with the stereo. Does anyone know if the facelift version still hase Bose Speaker covers or plain ones, Cheers.
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    New to Forums and S3s

    Hi, Great forums here, I have spent about 4 hours reading as many posts as I can and now have realised a few things about my "want haves" for my S3. Can I ask for comment of a purchase I am thinking of making? It is a 2007 AUDI S3 QUATTRO FULL LEATHER BLUETOOTH SUNROOF with 54k it is a...