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    Throttle body and DPF faults

    Hi I have a recurrent fault with the the throttle body on my A4 B7 avant. I have scanned it with vcds. Question is is it the throttle body fault causing the DPF not to regenerate. The EGR valve has been replaced as the old one was completely broken with the result the DPF is fairly blocked. If...
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    Passengers door now deadlocked

    Hi guys the passenger door is now deadlocked and can't open it with door handle inside or outside and the key fob. Anyone had the same problem and any idea of how I can get it open as I need to get the doorcard and trim panel of to check the wiring connection's. Thanks Jim
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    Anyone got VAG diagnostic near me

    Hi everyone need a small bit off help? I have a A4 avant B7 the central locking a the power window on he passenger side front door has an intermittent fault some times it works fine then just stops. Have tried all the usual suspects like the fuse/wirring that goes to the door for broken wires...
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    Break disks and pads

    Hi all New member so please be gentle . Just bought an 07 plate A4 avant S line B6 (I think) diesel. The question I would like to ask is the break pedal feels a bit soft ( compared to my last car a mk1 ST170 ford focus). Is there anything that I can do to improve the feel of the breaks. The...