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    A7 C7 pre FL HBA retrofits

    Evening Lords of the Rings! Following my successful very long list of retrofits on my previous c6 I started to collect some parts for my a7. I have ran extended cans to HBA mirror yesterday and surprisingly didn’t get it to work. I have retrofitted rear view mirror soul black 4F0857511K 4PK...
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    Retrofitted MMI 3GP - what sim card ?

    Hi I am wondering what sim card / which provider to you guys use for your 3GP units? What’s the data consumption on it? Advise would be much appreciated. I am hunting one at the moment as just plugged the gsm antenna and so I am very curious to see how does the thing work. Cheers Dawid...
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    MMI 3g plus retrofit completed vs baud rate problem

    Morning Ladies and Gents, Recently retrofitted MMI 3G Plus to my C6. Unit runs q7 software and was originally taken from a8. All was p&p to my previous retrofit from 2g to 3G. While I was retrofitting Reverse camera I possibly change something in long coding helper and ended up with changed...
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    C6 V6 TDI generator + (ALL C6)MMI3G/3G+ conversion

    Hi, As some of you done the conversion to MMI3g/3g+ my idea was to collect the info in one topic. I know that some of the stuff is not easy to find online which was also mentioned by others on this forum. My question is about facelift generator for 2.7/3.0 TDI engines. Due to conversion from...
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    Gateway swap - coding issue 00303

    Hi! I've swapped entire mmi in my pre face lift 4F from mmi 2g high to 3G high hdd, sds etc. All is working flawlessly- CP removed however to do so I had to also change the gateway for FL one. My current gateway is 4F0910468M and there is no coding option to this unit . I could only add/remove...