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    Plastic undertray

    Assuming you mean the sound deadening under the engine, you can get one from lllparts, £140 delivered. Comes with now bolts etc aswell by the look of it.
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    Rs4 b9.5 oil type

    Thanks for that. I changed my oil last week and used the shell 0w30 AV-L so its good to know the dealers are using the same.
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    My 2018 RS5 Coupe

    That Car does look Awesome, I know this is an old thread but im really interested in the park assist retrofit for my 2020 RS4. A couple of questions though if you dont mind. What is the part number for the extra sensors required...are they just the same as the other sensors on the bumper? Do...
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    B9 Rs4 b9 vs b8 brake pad/disc wear

    If any of you guys have had your discs and pads replaced on the b9 rs4 what mileage were they changed? I know the b8 was quite heavy on usage and wanted to compare.
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    Alcantara Auto Gear Knob/Shifter RS5/S5 **MAY FIT A4/S4/RS4**

    I managed to get in touch thanks. I will use that in future though
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    Rs4 b9.5 oil type

    Thats great thanks. Someone has mentioned 0W30 VW504/507 Shell Helix Ultra to me. Thats the oil that the my dealer gave me when I collected the car (1l topup) but the manual seems to state this is to be used for emergency only and 1litre max.
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    Alcantara Auto Gear Knob/Shifter RS5/S5 **MAY FIT A4/S4/RS4**

    Cheers, I have sent an email to their user name address. Hopefully they get the email. The alcantara looks ace.
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    Alcantara Auto Gear Knob/Shifter RS5/S5 **MAY FIT A4/S4/RS4**

    Dont suppose you got the model number off the alcantara shifter cover before you fitted it?
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    Rs4 b9.5 oil type

    Anyone who's changed the engine oil...What oil did you use? Is it 0w20 or 0w30. The manual states castrol edge proffessional. Is that what is required? Just wish the manual gave more info.