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    A6 Avant 140 S Line

    hi all,I am looking at buying a 2007 A6 S Line avant with a automatic box is there any issues with the car which I need to look for and any issues with the gear box like I had with my 2004 A4 Multitronic box. Any help much appreciated. Regards Pete
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    air vents

    thanx Ian I will have a look in the week,if need be how do I get to the 1 in the centre console
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    air vents

    morning all,i seem to have a small problem with my air vents,i have air coming out of all vents exept the 2 in the middle of the dash even when the vent button pushed
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    front o/s speaker grill

    sorry folks if I've posted this in the wrong section but can any one out there tell me how to remove the speaker grill as I have damaged the original and want to replace.
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    hi Sandra sent me a link to you to hopefully get my cruise switched on for a few beer tokens,I'm...

    hi Sandra sent me a link to you to hopefully get my cruise switched on for a few beer tokens,I'm in Sheringham if you can't get hold of me on here I wonder if you could txt me on 07737751670 thanx
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    sheringham norfolk
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    Any one close to the sheringham area with VCDS to code a new cruise stalk please
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    thanx for the help mate,so is there anyone near the sheringham area with vag com to code my new cruise stalk for some beer tokens
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    I have a retro fit cruise control fitted but to activate it I need a code to tell the ecu that cruise is fitted. Can anyone help me with the code
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    Electrical faults, windows and central locking. :(

    I just took it to a local garage who specializes in audi if I remember the transponder was 58 plus vat then his time to recode.
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    Electrical faults, windows and central locking. :(

    I had the same problem with mine,I had to have a new transponder on my key fob and then recoded to the car all in all it cost me 115 quid but all sorted now:thumbsup:
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    altornator problem 1.9tdi 130

    have had a new altornator fitted and it is still not charging , any ideas ????? nothing is showing as an error when a vagcom is put on it .
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    12 year corrosion warranty

    Had bubbling on roof seam above the rear door on off side on my 2004 1.9tdi sport. Took it to my local audi dealer ship who inspected it and then resrayed the roof on 70-30% i ended up paying £256
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    drivers door window

    thanks Turkster spot on
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    drivers door window

    drivers door window , wont operate on one touch down but will work in all other . Any ideas???? could it be the down switch or something else ???/
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    diesel addative

    hi,I am new here and just wondered if anybody could suggest a diesel addative to help clean up the fuel system on my 1.9tdi 130 sport. thanks.