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  1. mikeyorion

    1.8t Fmic

    looking for intercooler, seen few kits on eBay but I'm guessing there Chinese **** , does anyone have advice on where to get one ? Cheers mike
  2. mikeyorion

    Ttv flywheel

    going to order a ttv flywheel , what brand of clutch kit would I be best getting ? And do I need different flywheel bolts ? Thanks in advance
  3. mikeyorion

    Timing chain tensioner

    Hi all My chain is rattling on my 1.8t 20v , what sort of job is this to replace and what replacement should I be looking for/best place to get one ? I've seen you can buy the plastic guides for them on eBay but guessing it probably a good idea to replace whole unit Thanks in advance
  4. mikeyorion

    B5 S4 door trims

    Fitted some s4 door trims and I need some of these if anyone can help ? (Image from Google)
  5. mikeyorion

    a4 1.8 tqs project

    hi im new here , and new to audi I've just bought a 99 a4 tqs in cactus green ,will upload some pics soon It's done 143k ,full service history cambelt done 10k ago I'm sure I will be asking lots of questions as I go I've got few problems I need to get sorted It needs a few suspension...