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  1. badger5

    turbo porn... inc new G3-770

    We have got in a new stock order for G-series units, so now have 550/660 and new 770 in stock listed at Extremely good pricing levels on our webshop here>> Little picture of them along side some other similarly sized older spec units..
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    G25-550 on BAM - spool tastic

    For those interested in these new baby garretts, the G25 series, below is initial results whilst bedding in a new 1.9 build we've done, on a BAM TT, with the smaller G25-550 unit. Engine is 82.5mm bore, smallport, std cams, nortech mani & dp, decat, Ignitron ecu. Comparison plots off dyno...
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    G25-660 testing on 1.8t.... info here as more "sticky" than facebook

    Righto.. those who follow badger5 on facebook will already have seen this but for those who dont, here's some info from first stage testing of the new Garrett G25-660 turbo. Much "hyped" online unit.. GT28 size, GT35 abilities.. (claims from garrett) So... Test engine is my poor little ibiza...
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    Badger 5 - New WebShop online

    We've got a new Webshop online now with many more products added. Nicer platform onto which we can build and offer options on products for supporting parts.. For example folks order rods from us frequently and ask about "fitting kits".. Now when purchasing the rods you wish (we have several...
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    injector spray pattern comparisons-video

    For those who are geeky enough to care, here's a sample of 4 different types of injector with their assorted spray pattern and atomisation. Choosing the correct type for your car is not just a size thing. Spray patterns and Angles are also very important as well as linearity and atomisation...
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    Who here is running a bigger turbo setup.. (not hybrid)

    Hi I know S3Alex is running a bigger turbo, but is anyone else here also running a bigger turbo, 500+bhp region. What mods and route did you go down? Curious as we are building an 8P now for a customer. thanks
  7. badger5

    Interesting S3 build - Sequential shifter, stroker AET3076 build

    Here's an interesting customer car, which is developing into quite some track toy... Lots of nice bits being spec'd by the owner.. A few videos of it being exercised on its SQS-E Sequential gear shifter. ECU been changed from me7 which was running mafless previously to an Emerald K6+ pnp unit. 3...
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    Badger5 is looking to Hire experienced mechanic/technician.

    Badger5 is looking to Hire experienced mechanic/technician. Ideal applicant has experience of VAG cars, and has ability and flexibility to learn new skills. Skills required as part of our work include basic servicing, engine/gearbox removal, engine stripping, rebuilding, including 20v cylinder...
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    couple of s3 builds, stroker aet3076 and stroker aet3584

    couple of buildsprogressing.. both going and gone into 8L s3's ones stroker and aet3076 the others stroker and aet3584 Stroker AET3076 The other one now running and been on dyno this afternoon, stroker aet3584
  10. badger5

    Stroker HTA35 S3 sets new Badger5 Torque dyno record

    We had a good customer return for more tunage last Saturday, Stroker 20v, usual trimmings, HTA35 turbo, Badgercams... etc We were impressed at the torque this thing produced, setting a new personal highest torque on our dyno figure of 476lbft.. Now even a lardy S3 will throw itself down the...
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    Turbo Porn/Testing. gt3076 framed units being tested @ Badger5

    Some turbo porn, as we all love shiney, billet turbo wooshy things on here. I'm doing some testing next week on Four gt3076 sized turbos.. Units being tested are HTA3076, GTX3076Gen2, AET3076, EFR7163 All units on vband hotsides and on 0.63 a/r hotsides, except EFR as the smallest they do is...
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    GT30 S3.

    I'll just leave this here. A members car. Just completed its build to GT30. 500bhp power.
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    TT700 build, running in on dyno.... getting there :)

    2ltr stroker, 8.5:1 CR, our new larger bore exhaust tubular manifold, zircotec coated, hybrid GTX35 turbo (oversize comp wheel, ceramic bearings, refreshed by AET for us), 850cc injectors, IE Billet fuel rail, cams, water meth (not in use for bedding in), Special Dimpled CNC ported cylinder...
  14. badger5

    Deck Cooled, CNC Ported and Dimpled Ultimate 20v head

    Some CNC Cylinder head porn to share.. Looks too nice to fit onto a block to be never seen.. some more mods to our CNC ported head, for my own TT Project car.
  15. badger5

    NEW AET/Badger5 K04-380 (402bhp dyno'd)

    We have been busy working with AET Turbos on hybrid k04 solutions, and yesterday proved to be a pleasing day results wise. Our Lupo test car, (MrsB car) is a bog std AUM engined car, just with IE rods in it. It has as supporting mods, B5 TIPs,JR Filter, B5 gen2 exhaust manifold, 2.5" pipework...
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    Some lovely CNC ported/Dimpled 20v heads

    We've had a couple of 20v heads full CNC machined, with dimples for a couple of ongoing project builds.. They just look sexual.. (is that wrong?) One head was largeport, one was smallport, ported to largeport, one with combustion chamber reshape, both with 3 angle seat cuts for the Supertech...
  17. badger5

    1.8t inlet manifolds.. side by side - comparison pix

    We have a selection of inlet manifolds here currently, and first time all int he room at the same time so handy for a side by side comparison picture.. from the top, Integrated Engineering, SEM, 034 Motorsport, std BAM.
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    Pop Quiz.. Guess the cause of this problem

    Pop quiz. 1.8t with cr K03 turbo hybrid on aum engine oversize tip. Car won't boost higher than its 9psi actuator. What was the cause. Place your guesses below:
  19. badger5

    Merry Xmas/New Year from Badger5 Team

    Badger5 Team would like to thank all its valued customers and supporters for 2015.. Have a good one folks. See you in 2016 :friends: Bigger, better, brighter and of course Faster. Boooooooosts :rock:
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    goubo stroker gt35 build nears completion

    Goubo's S3, which we've been building these past months was on dyno yesterday for mapping.. Its a stroker build, badgercams, balanced etc, GT35, 750cc injectors, RS4 maf, water/meth etc etc etc etc 596bhp / 432lbft. Badger torque. 1.9bar boost Its going to rip. Soon to be hooning around...