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  1. badger5

    Fault codes in relation to WMI

    AEM Smallest one. Start spray 10-12psi on mapped car else rinse the meth for no actual benefit
  2. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    How does the map sensor seal just drilled into the inlet manifold like that? Air leak on idle vac will create +ve fuel to be asked for around idle.....
  3. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    who knows
  4. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    What is your real name (message me)
  5. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    zadig usb installer is the only one or iecu, and works ok. often slow, so if you press a button and nothing happens, seemingly its just "thinking" about things and is doing something.
  6. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    only bother with lambda...
  7. badger5

    My Belated build thread

    For ref, Badgerwagen on its G25-660 on 34psi boost did 565bhp a few weeks ago. on its 1.9 engine
  8. badger5

    Rear wheel not straight?!

    The Cafe is open again for takeway fyi :)
  9. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    esp into tip? you mean evap surely?
  10. badger5

    K04 with external westegate

    is that doing the rounds again? saw this setup for mapping some time ago motor dropped a valve on first run. returned a while later fixed..... and well, needless to say, it did'nt perform well.
  11. badger5

    My Belated build thread

    you buy a smooth cover then cover it up with an odd looking plastic cover? :p am i missing something here Ash ? :p
  12. badger5

    8L vs 8P vs 8V

    they're not tho. they are more expensive to modify tho
  13. badger5

    Ads3 thread

    remote assistance & tuning is available dude
  14. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    We're getting there.. new dyno cell coming along, workshop is a pigs stye - all taking time. one day it will be nice and organised. lol
  15. badger5

    Ignitron ECU

    liking what you've done here. good work dude
  16. badger5

    Egt sensor fault code

    injector cleaner cant cause this fault. check connections on sensor first.. if still dead, you may be able to peal apart its control box under the inlet mani and possibly resolder the type k thermocouple wires onto the boards (some are potted tho and impossible to do)
  17. badger5

    Boost issues on start up

    17705 is my guess..... and unless on vcds a lot of generic readers wont read this vag code
  18. badger5

    Boost issues on start up

    first port of call is fault code check
  19. badger5

    Manifold recommendations

    if you change both maf and injectors it will run ok on its adaptions, but unplug n75 to stay off boost until you get it mapped properly imho