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  1. danotto

    locking wheel nut socket

    Hi guys ive just sold my audi a4 2.0tdi s line, but the bloke wants the locking wheel nut socket, which i thought was in there, any way ive promised to get him one any ideas other than from audi where i can pick one up cheap,cheers
  2. danotto

    A4 TDI S LINE £7500

    Im selling mine and am after £7500 ono but would prob take £7200 as it has slight bumper damage and curbing on the wheels see below ive put an ad up,
  3. danotto

    Selling my audi a4 :(

    Yeah i did think about that just cant afford to spend another few hundred quid at the moment what sort of price do you think i should be looking at ???
  4. danotto

    Selling my audi a4 :(

    Having owned my 55 plate Audi a4 2.0 tdi s line, for nearly two years i'm reluctantly selling it, to try and save for the dreaded mortgage deposit, Its 2005 december registered, s line 2.0 tdi s line, 86k on the clock, full black and grey leather , dual climate control cruise control, lumber...
  5. danotto


    ive posted above how to remove it, to clean it just use a flat blade screwdriver or something like that as the the valve gets blocked by carbon basically oil and air, this is like a thick resin so screwdrivers work well and maybe some hot water or brake cleaner in a can if you have any.
  6. danotto


    its located on the inlet manifold( the right hand side of the rocker cover), and is held on by 4 torx screw bolts the back two are a pain to get on. Removed the 2 electrical plugs,undo the intercooler hose and the two allen key bolts for the breather pipe and it will come out, There is 2...
  7. danotto


    no worries was it the egr valve at fault then. /?
  8. danotto

    A few new pics of mine on it's new wheels...

    yeah i just recognize the number plate, and yeah was heading eastbound on m4 junction j12 ish
  9. danotto

    A few new pics of mine on it's new wheels...

    im sure i saw this car on the motorway the other month m4 near Reading ?
  10. danotto


    mate they are easy to fit albeit im a mechanic but only took me 30mins to change it, where bouts are you? i got a brand new egr valve from a company off ebay for £175. if your near berkshire ill fit it for ya for a small fee.
  11. danotto

    2.0 TDi Turbo question

    Possible egr valve failure mate, mine went a while ago, it was as if the turbo spooled up as and when it wanted to,egr valves are quite common to play up, i checked mine by removing it and openeing the sealed plastic housin and found the gears all chewed up. the egr is located on the inlet...
  12. danotto


    How much you looking for ive Dm's you as well cheers
  13. danotto

    old alloys for sale

    gutted cant believe i missed out on these arrrrgh
  14. danotto

    Repadding s line seats?

    My 55 reg audi a4 s line drivers seat has really worn on the left hand side where my ribs are a metal bar digs into them, lol Any ideas on how much id be looking to get the seat repadded. Oh yeah its leather as well if that helps. Cheers dan
  15. danotto

    A4 b7 s line or s4 front bumper wanted

    Unfortuantely ive ripped my front bumper clean off of the seams on my a4 on a kerb, i know stupid thing to do, but does anyone have one for sale preferably s line in grey but ive been told the s4 will fit also but not rs4, it has to have head light washer holes and. cheers guys any help would be...
  16. danotto


    Mine does the same,im thinking dual mass flywheel, but im sure i heard audi want 1500 quid plus fitted,so ill leave it for now
  17. danotto

    Mud Flaps

    check out this link its my car i posted a few weeks ago
  18. danotto

    Pics of my car

    Ive got plans for it but not the money at the mo , i want to fit and rs4 grill, seat cupra r front splitter,powder coat the wheels anthracite,and maybe a light smoke tint oh and black vinyl the roof.
  19. danotto

    Pics of my car

    not sure bud, i bought the car with everything as it is bar the lights and mudflaps.
  20. danotto

    Pics of my car

    Yeah im in two minds about removing them tbh