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  1. indianbelters

    Fan Washer Jets

    Hi All, Looking to upgrade the windcreen washer jets on my 2016 a3. Got the pistols atm which are appaling, can someone point me in the right direction so i can upgrade to the fan jets is thats possible? thanks
  2. indianbelters

    B8.5 Rear Valance

    Hey Guys Looking to put a quad exhaust system onto my 2015 2.0TDI S-line B8.5 saloon, trying to source a rear valance to accommodate the quad tips Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. indianbelters

    My New Toy: A4 B8.5 Black Edition Plus

    Hi All: Decided to part with my Golf MK6 GT TDI these pics were taken for the ad on autotrader: This is what I bought: Then gave her a quick wash and a coat of wax and sealant, will be detailed when the weather improves:
  4. indianbelters

    Stone chips

    Hi all Driving behind someone yesterday and a big stone got thrown up from the back wheel from the guy in front of me. It landed on my bumper causing it to chip then went onto my bonnet and left 3 chips there and then onto my windscreen. The windscreen luckily did'nt crack but does have a couple...
  5. indianbelters

    Angelwax products review (sort of)

    Hi All When i bought my audi a6 avant in black i had no ides how to maintain a black car and tbh was very worried about it. However after speaking to Mark Brodie from Brotek he advised on what i should use and how to apply it, i can say i am a extremely happy customer and would recommend all...
  6. indianbelters

    Audio and Bluetooth help A6

    Hi is there anyone who can help me with some issues i'm having with my audio and bluetooth system on my A6?
  7. indianbelters

    A6 Centre Caps

    Hi all my a6 centre caps are blistered, need replacing or refurbished. I have been quited £130 ish by 3 garages for replacements, not willing to spend that much tbh. Wondering if i can refurb them myself and if so has anyone any experience in this? Any advice?
  8. indianbelters

    Cleaning Black A6 avant

    Hi. I'm after some advice, i recently bought my a6 avant, never owned a black car in the past. Was wondering if i could get some advise on the best way of cleaning it, to avoid swirls etc. Also is there anything i can apply to the paintwork to make it easier to clean in the future? The previous...
  9. indianbelters

    A6 Avant Insurance

    Hi all, i just bought a 2008 a6 avant 2.0tdi multitronic special edition. Bought it tuesday had a prang in it on wednesday less than 24 hours. My fault nudged into the back of someone. Had to claim through insurance as the other party wanted to. I'm worried my premium is going to go sky high in...
  10. indianbelters

    My A3 2.0tdi

    Here is my 56 plate 2.0tdi 140 remapped to 170