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  1. billgatese30

    S7 project

    Hi all. Its certainly quiet in here so thought I'd try and inject a little life into the section. Feel free to chip in, ask questions, tell me why I'm doing something daft etc. or if not, I simply hope you enjoy reading. So I bought a Sepang Blue S7 Black Edition (C7.5) a few weeks ago...
  2. billgatese30

    S6 Milltek

    Hi All, Any S6/S7 Milltek owners who can give a real world view on how boomy/how much drone there is with the C7 S6 with a Milltek fitted when driven on the motorway? Thanks.
  3. billgatese30

    New S7 owner

    Hi all New S7 owner here (previously had a pre-facelift A7 BiTDI). I'm tempted with a Milltek for it to make the most of the V8 sound, but I can't seem to find any decent opinions either here, or on the wider web about if the non-resonator has much drone at motorway speeds (50-80 mph)? Does...