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  1. Walts2782

    Facelift Jingling sound going over uneven roads / bumps

    I've just had my car serviced and had two rattles sorted at Hull Audi. The first was from the Pano roof control unit. Even though this didn't show on the test drive they've taken off the unit and added some foam stoppers that seem to have done the trick. The second sounded like a matalic type...
  2. Walts2782

    Bad day at the office grrrrr

    If no one comments with a recommendation maybe try audi and see who they use, failing that I'd call a local detailer with a good reputation. Given their trade they should know someone local who they'll maybe recommend. Good luck getting sorted pal
  3. Walts2782

    Bad day at the office grrrrr

    Where are you roughly???
  4. Walts2782

    Bad day at the office grrrrr

    A decent smart repair will do that section only and a few inch after it just to blend it in, the less paint the better........... as things go it's in the best place possible and won't cost a fortune. Just do your homework where to take it, there a lot of painters that can't paint or don't...
  5. Walts2782

    Fed up with diamond cut wheel damage - pics of fully coated alternative?

    These look awesome
  6. Walts2782

    Bad day at the office grrrrr

    A better picture will help but looking at that it looks to be in a good place to blend in, they should be able to fade it from where the crease line is. I wouldn't be looking at a new bumper, the risk of removal /fitment could risk other damage, there could be a difference in (slight) colour...
  7. Walts2782

    Glacier Metallic White or Ibis Solid White?

    Biased obviously but Glacier white gets my vote. I previously had an 8p in Ibis and the colour difference is slight, although Glacier really does pop in the right light. Just yesterday with the sun out in certain spots the colour almost had a pearlescent look to it. Each to their own, budget...
  8. Walts2782

    Wind Noise

    Mine gets a little from the rear windows I think, everything looks to be fitting as it should so not sure???
  9. Walts2782

    A3 Phone Box and wireless charging

    I fear the sales man has got carried away :-( Anyone for a cheap wireless case :-)
  10. Walts2782

    A3 Phone Box and wireless charging

    Mine is set out like this? <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_1465_zpsknwhwh6v.jpg"/></a>
  11. Walts2782

    A3 Phone Box and wireless charging

    Yeah someone kindly ticked every option box I think, its got the tech listed and the phone box listed separate. I've had it just with the ignition on, then with the engine running and with a hard reset on the phone......... still nothing? Thanks for the response though, the mrs certainly isn't...
  12. Walts2782

    A3 Phone Box and wireless charging

    Yup, tried it in mine and the Mrs's ......... it's causes no reaction on the phone and both fail to charge? My centre console has the wireless picture on the mat inside and Phone Box is listed on my build???
  13. Walts2782

    A3 Phone Box and wireless charging

    That's the case I've just got but for the life of me I can't get it to charge
  14. Walts2782

    A3 Phone Box and wireless charging

    As per the title...... Does anyone have the phone box and use it for wireless charging. I bought my car at 3 month old and I'm told it has the phone box, this is confirmed by the printout from Audi. I've just bought the Audi iPhone 6 case for wireless charging but can't seem to get it to...
  15. Walts2782

    Black window trims, wrapped?

    Found this pal Seen this lad below does them but no idea where you are, any decent vehicle wrap company should be able to sort it...
  16. Walts2782

    Bumper Damage

    Gotta be chuffed with that..... That'll of taken some sorting to get the lines right again and fade it back in.
  17. Walts2782

    Facelift Its here.....almost!

    Stunning......... that's gonna feel like a long wait but it'll soon come round
  18. Walts2782

    Badgeskins for the internal warning stickers

    As per the title really, I'm only just back into an A3 form a golf GTD. One thing that really bugged me about the golf was those stupidly big and ugly warning stickers on the passenger sun visor. To combat this on the golf a company called badgeskins made a sticker that goes over the safety...