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  1. Woody86

    DSG tune

    what are people's experiences with different companies dsg tunes? I'm thinking about getting it done but don't know which to go for. Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Woody86

    Half system to full system

    i currently have a cobra catted downpipe fitted to my s3. I want to get the full tbe system. Anyone confirm if I buy the cat back system that it will fit or will I need a different link pipe? Cheers
  3. Woody86

    ODB eleven

    i just ordered the odb eleven to have a play around with a few things on mine and a mates car. Has anyone got any experience with this? Want to know if it's pretty idiot proof and does it work similar to vcds. Cheers
  4. Woody86

    RS3 sports exhaust on S3

    im wondering in the rs3 exhaust would fit in my s3. The tone and the bangs are intoxicating to me. I'm guessing it won't be exactly the same as the difference in engine but does anybody know if this would be possible? Even if I could just fit the twin mid pipes? Would this make a difference...
  5. Woody86

    Braided brake lines

    Has anyone replaced the brake lines on the s3 yet? Don't want to spend the thousands on a conversion or really need them. just want to improve the braking abit. Any info on it guys?
  6. Woody86

    Digital vent gauge

    im looking at the p3cars vent gauge for the s3. Has anyone got one of these or had one? What are your opinions? Cheers
  7. Woody86

    Maintaining Exo v2

    What's the best way to maintain Exo v2. I've brought gwash and gtechniq QD. Any other tips?
  8. Woody86

    Oil cap Part number

    Does anybody know the part number for the oil cap for a 63 plate s3? I've looked on the part data base but can't find it.
  9. Woody86

    R8 oil cap

    I've brought the R8 oil from awesome gti. It comes modified to fit so the bloke told me but it looks a completely different locking system. Am I just missing a trick or something? Anybody done this?
  10. Woody86

    Haldex on a dyno

    This might be a stupid question but if I want my s3 on the dyno I don't need to find a 4 wheel dyno do i? I'm not exactly sure how the haldex system work but I understand the rears only engage when the fronts slip.
  11. Woody86

    Midlands car care

    I plan on getting my car booked in at midlands car care in the next few weeks for some Quartz protection. How do people rate the Quartz protection and any views on midland car care because I have only heard good things about them
  12. Woody86

    Washing the drying towels

    What's everybody's way of washing drying towels? I've got a AG microfibre and the wooly mammoth. They could do with a clean. Can I just throw them in the washing machine with no conditioner or is it best to soak and hand wash?
  13. Woody86

    Painting exhaust tips

    I'm planning on painting my exhaust tip matt black on the s3. I've took them off today so I can sand and prep them in the week. But on actually looking at the car without any tips on I'm not sure if I want to put tips back on. What do you think?
  14. Woody86

    7 Days!

    It's been a long wait since I ordered it in in April but I've only got 7 days till I'm driving this. Already sat in it and started it up. Blood lovely. Gonna be a long week. He she is
  15. Woody86

    S-tronic in the snow

    I know we don't have much snow but when we do everything grinds to a halt. I'm just wondering what the s-tronic Quattro system is like as I can't remember seeing a snow button or anything when I went on a test drive
  16. Woody86

    S3 ordered for September

    Hi everyone. So I popped into my local audi dealer just to have a chat and walked out with a S3 in glacier white. Took it for a test drive and it put a massive smile on my face. Just gotta wait for that smile in September. It's a big difference from my 2013 1.8tfsi a5 coupe.