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  1. JayRS3

    Sportback PFL Sport Exhaust w/ DP + Secondary Decat Question

    Hi gents, 2 weeks ago I did a Stage 1 APR map which has really brought the best out of the car performance wise. 1 week ago I did Decat Downpipe and Secondary Cat Bypass (Secondary Decat) on my Sport Exhaust from Rogue Performance here in South Africa. I have scoured the forums for opinions on...
  2. JayRS3

    RS3 8V PFL Aftermarket Rims and Spacers Squeak

    Hi All, New to the forum so please bare with me if I make a conduct mistake. I have looked around the forum for a problem related to mine but could not find anything. Here is my issue: 10 days ago I got my new rims fitted, however we had to put in 6mm spacers to make the rim clear the front...