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    Brake pads Allroad

    As above I will be looking at replacements in the next few months. What does everyone run just OE ones? anyone had any improvement with other brands Brembo etc? cheers Ant
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    remove oil warning light?

    I have a 272 allroad and Had warning message and light come on yesterday telling to remove oil! I have cleaned cap and area around cap and it went off for a day, but come back on! Is the car save to drive? always been worried about too little oil, but can remember too much oil used to be a...
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    Winter wheels setup

    Hi, I am sure there’s a thread with this subject covered but I am looking at getting a set of 18in winter wheels and tyres for the allroad. what do people run? Also can I go with any Audi A6 wheel? Think my et is 41 on the standard 19inch speedlines. But seen A6 18in wheels with Et of 37! Will...
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    Plastic trim part no?

    Hi Does anyone know the part numbers for the external Plastic body trim? And where to get them from? Got a scuff on my o/s rear! Cheers
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    Allroad Diffuser

    Some bas**rd has pushed our rear diffuser On the bottom bit of the bumper! I don’t know what with! Must of been maybe a low towball!!! But only two little scrapes then a big dent can this part be bought new only from audi? If so does anyone know the part number etc? cheers in advance guys!
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    Driving modes/allroad ride height!

    Hi, Daft questions really, But Can anyone explain what the drive modes do on my allroad, I.e do they really change the throttle response that much etc? also to raise the height in my allroad is it just a case of going into car/systems and keep pressing raise? I am still waiting on a manual...
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    Finally got one! (Roof bars help)

    Last week we picked our 17 plate floret sliver 272 allroad up. great car so far, I do feel the materials used aren’t as good as the c6 we had and the interface is still dated! But the drive, engine And capablity if the car make up for that! We just need to arrange detachable tow bar to be...
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    Looking to buy allroad

    Hi, Quick hello, i currently own a A6 avant 2.0 tdi 170 Black edition c6 but are looking at buying a Quattro or Hopefully allroad 272ps from 16 plate onwards as we will be touring around Europe soon so easier towing and extra grip will be needed! Any advice, help And links would be much...
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    Hi....from Staffordshire.

    Hi, I have joined the group looking for advice on buying a RS4 B7 saloon. I currently have a transporter work van and two Sierra Sapphire Cosworths one 4x4 and also a 2wd. I am looking to replace the 4x4 Cosworth with a RS4 B7, and use it as a everyday family car. I use to own a 07 plate A4...