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    Touch Up

    +1 for plastidip. Buy it from eBay though then you get the proper stuff
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    Number plate lights problem

    Having the same issue with my sidelights? Anyone any ideas?
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    LED sidelights blown a fuse?

    Well earlier when just one side was working, I tested the bulbs and they all seemed fine so don't think this is the problem? Will buy some more cheap ones to test though. Is there an other way to reset the error code or anything?
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    LED sidelights blown a fuse?

    Thanks again for your help Mike. Just tried that but still no joy! :keule: Any other ideas? Thanks
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    LED sidelights blown a fuse?

    No mate just turned the ignition to the point where my headlights came on, should I have done? Will this make a difference?
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    LED sidelights blown a fuse?

    Thanks for your reply Mike. I've been running without sidelight bulbs since this afternoon, so have just been out and tried this now. Put the bulbs in and started the ignition but got the error again and now neither of them are coming on? Is there a period of time I have to wait before trying...
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    LED sidelights blown a fuse?

    Hi there. I am fairly new here and have recently purchased a 2004 A3 2.0 tdi 140 to save me some money on my long commute! I thought that one of the first things to change should be the lighting, and my girlfriend kindly bought me some LED sidelights from eBay. They were listed as being...
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    LED Side lights from EM Tuning

    How much were these mate? Look nice...
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    Best H7 Headlights bulbs?

    I'm getting diamond visions based on this pic I found on an Audi A1 forum comparing them to standard bulbs. They aren't the cheapest but look awesome IMO!
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    R8 Style Headlights?

    That's a shame as I really like the look of these. Would they not also need the alignmemt adjusting as they are from the US?
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    awesome gti remaps

    Could someone at awesome please confirm how long this deal is running for? I really want it doing but a little skint just at the moment and may have to wait until payday. Thanks
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    GROUPBUY: - Canbus LED bulbs to replace halogen DRL bulbs

    Hi andi1, I have a 2004 a3 tdi and want to upgrade my lighting all round. I am looking for a hid kit which I notice from this thread that you sell for £85, sidelights, number plate lights and possibly even interior lights. I want to be 100% sure that I won't get any errors on the dash and that...
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    awesome gti remaps

    Let us know how it goes, was thinking of having this done myself. Thanks