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    K04 Ball Bearing Cartridge

    Anyone thought about replacing the turbo journal bearing with a ball bearing cartridge, for a bit more life out of the K04 hybrid, like:- (mine has died!)
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    Actuator Preload

    Hello guys, how many turns of the actuator nut do you guys do to add actuator preload after the wastegate is closed? A quick search on the net say between 3mm - 5mm or 3 turns?? Cheers
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    Rear Knocking

    Hello, I have got a rear rotational knock from the rear drivers side. It goes then the load is taken off the rear drivers wheel, ie turning right. Pretty sure it the outer CV joint, has any one got a source / part number of these(or complete drive shafts). The rear CVs seem to be few...
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    AEB Exhaust Port Size

    Has anyone got a AEB head on the bench that they can measure the true exhaust port size?? (Mine is fitted and I want to do some porting port on a 'Chinafold' before fitting) Thanks Dave
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    No Fuel Trims?

    Hello, Does anyone know what would cause the ME7.x ecu not to adapt the fuel trims? I have converted from a narrow band APY to a wideband BAM, disabled the rear O2 and VVT, but currently have no fuel trims (both at 0) or fault codes. Any ideas/pointers very much appreciated. Thanks
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    2.0 140 BHP DPF code out on remap

    Hello Bill, Can you remap a 2009 Passat 2.0 TDI CR 140Bhp and in the process disable the DPF so a bypass can be fitted. Thanks Dave
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    Intake plenum volume case study

    Interesting read for those that are that way inclined:- Cheers Barks
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    G61 and G66 Knock Sensors

    Hello, I converted from a APY narrowband ECU to a BAM wideband ecu (using wideband BH ECU and Lamda side of the loom). I am the 'mapping' stage now and from a logs from a similiar full wideband setup (VVT, BAM knock sensor side of the loom and knock sensors, but without a large port head) my...
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    Knock Sensors

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the APY and BAM knock sensor output voltages?? I believe the PN's to be different. Thanks Dave
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    Reinforce XS Manifold Welds

    Hello, Is there anyone around the Gloucestershire area who is able to reinforce the XS V2 K04 manifold welds, the Franken Manifold has to go!! I am not after a freebie, just good welding. Thanks Barks
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    OEM Digital Boost Gauge and Extras

    Interesting little digital gauge that replaces the dash clock:- Zada Tech - Audi TT, A3, S3, RS3, A4, S4, RS4 Red LCD Multi Gauge - OEM Looking
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    Narrow to Wideband ECU Conversion

    Hello, Has any one got a PDF or a good link (with photos) for the conversion of the narrow to wideband ECU. Unfortunatley Vortex no longer has the thread:- - 1.8T (06a) Narrowband to Wideband Conversion Done Easy! Audizine and others have no photos:- 1.8T (06a) Narrowband to...
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    Steel Skid Plate / Sump Guard

    Probally been done before Not that this may any use to any one.... or it might be for the people with low suspension. But I was having a nose on ETKA as you do, and found a steel skid pan for the A3s PN 1j0 018 930 There is a guide here for a Jetta or Bora :-...
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    S3 Spluttering and holding back under boost.

    Hello, I haven't been using my car for a few weeks as it has been nice weather and I have been force to ride my bike to work so my car has just been used to potter down the shops. Since last taking the car for a good drive I have changed the Fuel filter (ebay purchase and cut the old one...
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    Which CR K04 Hyrbid?

    Hello, I am a bit confused to which CR k04 Hybrid if the best one request, there is lots of info on but has any one got a definitive cut down guide? Which is the best V1, V1.2 or V2? are they now being supplied with the wastegate ported? are the actuators supplied set...
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    S3 Spec Clutch

    Hello, With my clutch starting to slip, I am planning a clutch change. The plan is to go the hybrid route. So should be looking at the around 320Bhp and 270lbf. Really looking at Spec (as everyone seems to say you can't go wrong with spec or southbend) and maybe with matching steel SMF...
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    1.9TDi Crank in 1.8t

    Hello Guys, Quick question, thinking of gearing up for a engine rebuild Has anyone fitted a 1.9TDi crank in their 1.8t but retaining the 81mm pistons?? Are there any downside to doing this, ie not reving so freely?? High compression?? Is the FSI crank the better option?? Thanks for any...
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    3" Tip Installation Results

    Hello, After buying the Badger5 3" Tip bits and Cone Filter from Bill, I thought I would post the results, My car is a S3, Standard K04-22, Miltek, 3" downpipe, sport cat. The first log is from a while ago but nothing has changed since with Silicone Tip and Green Panel Filter:-...
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    3" Pipewerx DP Sports Cat & Milltek Exhaust Help Needed.

    Hello, I have had a pipeperx 3" downpipe, sports cat and Milltek cat back exhaust sat in my garage for a few weeks. So this weekend I thought I would fit it.... There is the problem... Where to start. I had the front up on ramps, but didn't get very far Firstly has any one got a fitting...
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    Hesitant Under Acceleration

    Hello, I got home from work today and thought I would add a cold air feed to the original airbox. So reomved the airbox, battery and battery box and proceeded to route my new 3.5" ducting. I had to move the loom from under the battery box and the 2 earth wires. It was a bit of squeeze but I...