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  1. tom2001s3

    Hpa set up

    hi all, just got my new hpa controller, had a little search but can't find much on the set up side of things. Only really on this forum so dunno if it has been covered else where, it's the percentage of correction for overstear etc that's getting me. Any advice will be much apreciated :) Tom
  2. tom2001s3

    Anyone going to northwield this weekend?

    As the title says really, anyone attending the north wield show this Sunday?
  3. tom2001s3

    Rear brembos on an s3

    hi all, this is something iv been thinking about and am curious if it is achievable opposed to really being worth while. I have a set of Lcr brembos on my amk s3 and they have plenty of braking ability, but more to be anal and just wanting to tinker I have been looking at Evo 8 rear been i...
  4. tom2001s3

    Deliberate limp mode?

    Hi all, was wondering if theres is a simple way to put an amk s3 into limp without causing any further problems? My car is going in for some body work repairs and im so paranoid that someone might be cheeky and take it for a drive. I'm hopeing for something along the lines of unplugging an O2...
  5. tom2001s3

    just done my first vcds logs, any comments? 214g/s

    hi all i have a 2001 amk s3, currently on 59k, with just a s2000 filter and a new rec. valve i had a stage one remap at amd and made 255bhp and 275ftlb. Since the map i have fitted a welly cooler, badger v2.2 tip and the baffle out of the charge pipe has been removed ( i had to remove the charge...
  6. tom2001s3

    Problem finding O2 sensor

    The pre cat o2 sensor on my s3 has gone. Seen two different new sensors, by using my reg, which both have a 4pin plug but my existing sensor has a different shape 6pin plug. My car is a German import, this shouldn't have any effect should it? Thanks all
  7. tom2001s3

    My s3 has been shot by air rifle!

    some horrible person has shot my s3 with an air rifle, I can't work out if it's been done outside my house or while driving, but surley I would have heard it if it was while driving. I'm absolutely gutted and wanted to vent my anger here. Any thoughts? Tom
  8. tom2001s3

    Another rota grid question

    hi eveyone, I have searched the forum on this and read all I can, I think I have got my head round it all. Am I right in thinking 18" by 8.5" et44 would be ok on an 8l s3 Iv seen people with 9.5" on here but didn't want to run into any problems with rubbing. Thanks for any advice Tom
  9. tom2001s3

    Ebay decat and down pipe??

    Hi all, sorry if this comes up a lot, I did do a search but anything that came up was from years ago. Decat and down pipes are on ebay for around the £90 mark are these up to the job and are they a straight foward enough fit? Thanks Tom
  10. tom2001s3

    Advice Needed On A 2.5 Td

    Hi guys first time on this side of the club. A good friend of the family has a 2002 2.5td a4, his battery light has come on and the engine has a slight misfire. I said he should get her plugged in but he asked me to ask the question here anyway. Any advice will be much appreciated. Cheers...
  11. tom2001s3

    Had A Stage 1 Remap At Amd Today

    Hi all, was planning on doing a few bits and pieces to the car before mapping but couldn't wait so had it done today for the time being. I'm not out to slate amd at all but i have heard there rollers are generous, some you might have read about my car already it is a 2001 amk on 53k, had one...
  12. tom2001s3

    Pictures Of My 53k 2001 S3

    Hi all, gave the car a clean and a wax today, was nice to go over every panel. I'm really happy with the condition Of the car, but will happily accept any criticisms or comments I'm impressed this sticker is still attached :) Thanks for looking Tom
  13. tom2001s3

    Second Thread And I'm Asking For Help :/

    Hi all, only had the s3 4 days, love it to bits but iv got what im assuming is a sticky throttle, if you take the car anywhere sort of 2.5k and up when I go to change gear the car will carry on revving a little bit. Any advice will be much appreciated or just a point im the right direction...
  14. tom2001s3

    Pick Up A Mint 2001 S3 Tommorow.

    Hi, been reading a lot on the site for a while, finally picking up my s3 tommorow so it was time to make an account And say hi. Car is 2001, i assume amk? Absolute red with white leather, absolutely mint with one owner 53k. I do have plans for the car but won't start opening my mouth untill it...