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    Warranty direct - claiming for a few bits

    That's why they have the 3 month clause. If the car went bang in the that period then It could have been expensive but I'm lucky to have a 2nd car to drive over the sumner. Call it fraudulent I call it playing the game, it's an insurance policy, not stealing from my gran. i sleep very well...
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    Warranty direct - claiming for a few bits

    I was fully aware that my dual mass flywheel was making a noise. i took out a policy and waited the three months then rang them saying I had a strange noise with symptoms. they asked me to select a garage and gave me a claim number. took it to the garage who dismantled and diagnosed the dmf...
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    Juddering, no power over 3K, lack of power, bad performance

    Ok, vacuum actuator as well. Two further questions... I assume there's a manifold gasket, did you replace this? Ref changing the fuel filter, seen a utube vid but do the pipes need to be crimped or is the fuel under no pressure as the engines off?
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    Juddering, no power over 3K, lack of power, bad performance

    I cleaned my Egr some time ago with great results but think I need to change the fuel filter now as have some if you symptoms. Can use a spanner to do most things so will do the manifold, this may seem dumb but i assumed this is the one the egr is bolted to, I could see the carbon gunk in it and...
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    Extended warranties - worth it or not for BLB?

    With the dual mass flywheel I knew it was on its way out so took out a policy. I just drove the car for the 90 days with the fault knowing i couldn't do any further damage. i then took in to the garage and said there's a strange noise can you inspect it, they diagnosed and I had no problems...
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    What Tyres do you have?

    The decibel levels are now declared as part of the EU thingy!?! if have a look at any if the online advertisers you will see the rating advertised with the tyre along with the fuel efficiency and wet braking. i seem to remember the Sessantas are noisy at 74db, the average is about 69-71. tbh I...
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    What Tyres do you have?

    ^^^ as above^^^
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    Extended warranties - worth it or not for BLB?

    PM Sent. Did you find anymore out? Cheers, Jay
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    What Tyres do you have?

    Just gone for a pair of Falken 914, £253.20 fitted on my drive by Etyres. Not having ditch finders on the car with a young child in it! Tbh spent over an hour on the computer, considered performance, inconvenience of driving to a fitting centre etc. Read the reviews & considered everything...
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    Extended warranties - worth it or not for BLB?

    My experience with Warranty Direct has been good. Get a quite online then let there's sales person ring you and offer it cheaper. I had the dual mass flywheel replaced on a claim, I only had to pay for the new clutch & exces, no labour due to the age of the car. Earlier this year with the car a...
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    engine wobble

    Think you will find this will be your EGR valve and inlet manifold clogged up with gunk(dont know what its called sorry). Very well documented on here if you take a look through all the 2.0 diesel posts. It leads to the engine shuddering, no differance if the clutch disengaged. Dismantle, clean...
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    My new 18" S5 style alloys

    Sorry don't think they suit the B7, from your remarks I don't think your sure either?
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    STOLEN :(

    Being a Met Police officer my experience tells me your car has been stolen to be used in crime, ie getaway car. Your car won't be broken for parts, it will have had new plates stuck on it and will be being used by some local scrotes. It will turn up, it's just a case of when. It may get rung...
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    TDI Balnce shaft & injector issues, which year to buy from to avoid these issues?

    That would explain why there is no sticky on the A3 forum, Great thank you.
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    put the new boots on "should they stay or should they go?"

    What's not to like about them, nicest rims I have seen for some time, keep them. You say they were from a VW promo, they are stock then not aftermarket?
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    TDI Balnce shaft & injector issues, which year to buy from to avoid these issues?

    Hello A3 Gurus. I currently have a 2007 B7 A4 TDI 170 with the BRD engine. To date I have had the injector issues which were replaced by Audi and im driving a car waiting for balance shaft problems which is not nice as you can imagine. Im considering selling and getting the A3 as I no longer...
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    Burned oil smell, rough idle, loss of low end power, sloshing water

    You bought a car that was showing signs of being faulty, why oh why? Now you want to spend money at another garage for a second opinion, are you mad? Take it back to the dealer, give them chance to rectify it or reject it, not fit for purpose?
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    MPG, what do you get? TDI & TFSI?

    Manual 2.0 tdi 170. mixture of motorway with cruise control on and London traffic, 30 mile round trip. 520 miles from a tank which is about 37mpg.
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    06 170 2.0TDI AVANT

    I have a 56, 2007 170 with the BRD engine. My injectors failed and they were replaced by an indie. Audi later took the car and replaced the loom and reimbursed me for the injectors. However there does not seem to be a definitive answer regarding the balance shaft/oil pump failure. Like you I...
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    2.0 Tdi 170bhp - oil pump failure

    My 2007 56' is a BRD but I don't know if all 170s are the same? This thread is worrying, 2nd one in a matter of days, Richardesty is having similar issues.