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    Quattro Tech

    Anybody used these ? Cars due a cam belt change and going to do the s-tronic box at the same time, Audi dealer wants about £850 ish for the two, going to give Quattro tech a bell Monday, see what they say, might get them to up the boost on the Revo map too Running modest torque of 280ish and...
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    Play with a Golf R

    For anybody interested, just had a straight line drag with a mates stock Mk7 R... Both DSG boxes, mines Revo stage 1 but running conservative boost, supposedly 309bhp and 280 lbft, Mines heavier too being the Sportback, Absolutely nothing in it, off a round about on to a long straight...
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    S3 s-tronic start up ?

    Hi, Accidentally started the car without my foot on the break, was surprised that it started... I've tried it since and every time I can start my car without putting my foot on the break, I still get the message popping up telling me to apply my foot to the brake before turning the key, but...
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    "Quattro Tech" St Ives

    Hi, Anybody any experience with these guys ?? Heard good reports. Cheers
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    Audi S3 Remap

    Hi, Just bought a 12 plate S3 Sportback. I've had my suspicions that the cars been mapped, so I ordered one of the Racelogic liquid gauges, I've just been out in the car to see and sure enough it has, things is its running approx 345bhp peak and torque was peak at 340lb ft and trailing off...
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    Oil pick up ?

    Hi, Sorry if I'm repeating posts, ive read online about oil pick up issues with the S3, was this on all 8p's or was this rectified on the later models ? Thanks
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    Audi S3 sportback "roof box"

    Hi, Looking for some advice on roof racks and roof boxes for a 2012 S3 Sportback, I used to own an 8L S3 but recently switched to a BMW 530d, mainly because the second child was on the way and space would have been an issue. As good as the BMW is I'm really missing the S3, I'm now looking...
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    Baby/Child seats in Sportback

    Hi, Looking for some experiences regarding child seats etc, The missus is now in the middle of buying an A1 sportback, we took it out yesterday, it's a lovely car, 1.4tfsi with the Dsg box, she fell for the car immediately, she's under 5 foot tall so a smaller car is ideal for her, we...
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    Misfire under load.

    Hello, Every now and then I get a nasty misfire at the top of 3rd gear, car hasn't misfired in any other gear that I'm aware of. Drives fine otherwise and ticks over as expected, I checked the codes and had a misfire on cylinder 4 plus multiple misfire detected, this was a few weeks ago, I've...
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    N249 delete info

    Interesting read...
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    Low Oil Pressure Finally Resolved

    After over a year of trying to solve my 'low oil pressure' problem I have finally found the cause... The car has had a new oil pressure switch, a new oil pump, the sump off about 3 times for inspection and the oil pickup checked and cleaned each time, and still I continued to get the red oil...
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    What are people's thoughts on these... AUDI A3 S3 QUATTRO 8L1 99-03 FRONT BREMBO DRILLED GROOVED BRAKE DISCS PADS SET | eBay cars only used for road use so don't need anything to over the top, has anybody any experience with this setup ?
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    Catch Can mounting points ?

    Hi, been reading westy's thread on the 'catch can' and see that he mounted his on the bulk head where the relay box was, Where have other people mounted there's ? Or is that the best option. Cheers
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    Little plastic bung...

    Hi, refitted my b5 tip yesterday and noticed that the little black plastic bung that sits by the gear linkage has disappeared. I noticed the other day this bung seemed loose and figured that was how it's suppose to be, noticed today that it's now gone. How important is this little bung ? Not...
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    Weak dv

    Hi, what would actually be the symptoms of a weak dv ? Had the car mapped recently and I've still got the oem dv on the car, it was brand new fitted about 2 months ago. Just been out in the car and was accelerating hard, as the revs got to about 5k the engine felt like it stuttered and power...
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    Succumbed to Revo

    It finally happened, after blowing up one engine and saying I'd never map again, today I went and had Revo stage 1 installed, well happy with the results, car pulls nice and strong, I've missed it since running Audi's standard 'boring' map. Has anybody added the b5 tip to the Revo stage 1...
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    Powerflex top mounts

    In the process of gathering together some Polly bushes for the S3, I'm doing the top mounts also as I don't think they have ever been done "83k", The Lcr top mounts seem to be the preferred choice, I keep looking at the Powerflex top mounts but have read they can squeak after time, has...
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    Oil warning light !!

    Hi, starting to get a major head ache with the car. The original problem was the temp gauge not reaching 90c so I booked the car in for a new thermostat, I asked the bloke while it was in if he could fit a new dipstick at the same time as this needs removing to get to the thermostat and it...
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    Axle Stands

    Just treated myself to 4 axle stands and a trolley jack, reason being is I want to get all 4 wheels refurbished. Where would you place the axle stands ? Would you place them under the 4 standard jacking points or would you put them under the car somewhere ? Car should only be like this for...
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    Windscreen replacement

    I've just had my front windscreen replaced and I'm not happy with the finish, the scuttle panel that goes along the bottom of the window is now sitting away from the window, if I push it down it springs back again, if it rains the water is just going to pour in behind the scuttle panel. I told...