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    Anyone know how to remove the glove box lid/door

    Just got a replacement lid/door from Audi, as mine is scratched to buggery. Removed the whole glove box unit assembly which was easy enough. Getting the door/lid off is a different matter, appears to be on a couple of lugs that dont seem removeable. Anyone done this before?
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    RS4 seems to have died

    Evening all, this is a post on behalf of my old man. Went to use his B5 today, switched on the ignition lights came on but not enough power to start it (must stress this is a daily driver so hasn't been left). Anyway, wheeled it out the garage and jumped it off my car ran it for 15 mins and...
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    Interior lights flashing and a strange clicking

    Seem to have a strange intermittanm fault where I will unlock the car, drive off and have the interior lights flashing and get a strange clicking from the drivers side dash. Following this I will lock it and the alarm will sound after about 30secs. Any ideas? Nothing flagged up when scanned.
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    VAGCOM reading PO118 error

    Got my mate to scan my car as to why the engine management light was on, and came up with PO118 generic engine coolant temp circuit high input. Any idea what this means? Thanks
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    Head unit removal

    How on gods green earth do you get the cretin out, got an Alpine unit, and just got the wiring adaptor through the post to power up the rear speakers. Ive obviously removed the front panel, now trying to get the little surround plastic piece off but that is being a bitch. I really hate working...
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    Unblocking Iphone 3gs

    Evening all, will be aquiring a brand new iphone 3gs tomorrow, managed to get it fairly cheap, only problem being its on O2 and im on vodafone. As its brand new its likely to have the 3.1.3 software on, how do I go about unlocking it? Many thanks Chris :greyrs4:
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    Bad week for the S3

    Evening all. First problem was at the start of the week, my engine light has come up, no idea as to what is causing this as I don't have VAGCOM and the car feels absolutely fine, not sure if its something silly, is there anyway of resetting the light with out VAGCOM to see if its something silly...
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    Driving to the ring

    This time next ring I will be heading off to the Nurburgring for a spot of spirited driving. What do I need to take with me to comply with these stupid new european laws, and as for the headlights do I need to get the headlight reflectors or can they be adjusted? Many thanks
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    ECU software

    Afternoon all, received this http:// today. Unfortunately it only reads the immobiliser module and not my ECU. It does the scan and says I have a VDO D03 ecu but doesn't have it on the list of ecu's with...
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    Ok, whats needed?

    Evening all, Well after putting up with it for a while I think its time I upgrade the sound system in the S3. Last owner put a Alpine stereo in which is tidy enough but only seems to power the front speakers. As far as im aware I dont have the BOSE, but have some sort of 'standard' sub in the...
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    Stop paying 19.5% VAT on fuel

    Lets all sign this petition, getting fed up of these robbing ****s
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    Light switch assembly removal

    Anyone know the best way to remove the light switch assembly? Many thanks
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    Guess the rim

    I think its a 19" Kei Force in Hyperblack. Could be wrong though
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    Part number

    Evening all, im after the part number for the steering column, the lower one with the hole in the right hand side for the ignition. Thanks all
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    TT footrest

    Evening all, quick question. Does the alloy foot rest out of the TT fit into the S3
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    GT5 time trial challenge

    Anyone tried it yet?
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    Piano black trim

    Evening all, is there any way of refurbishing the piano black trim in the S3? The previous owner was clumsy enough to scratch it in places. Many thanks Chris :blackrs4:
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    Cruise Control

    Evening all, Had my car just over a month now, went to use the cruise control the other day for the first time only to find it wouldn't work. Any common faults it could be? Thanks everyone Chris :blackrs4:
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    Carpet pin

    Evening all, my car is missing one of the pins that the mats clip onto on the drivers side, so the mat keeps twisting round as its only on one. Can I get a replacement, cant seem to find any on good old ebay. Thanks Regards Chris :blackrs4:
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    Uncovered scuff

    Evening all, was giving the car a good wash earlier only to notice a light scuff on the front drivers side arch. Not owned the car long, and never noticed it, but appeared to have some sort of paint matching cover over it, gave it a little scrape with my nail only to reveal that horrible white...