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  1. badger5

    Who here is running a bigger turbo setup.. (not hybrid)

    dispensed as a good thing? why did you remove it? I'm building up a couple of tfsi motors currently.. one an 8P.. one a leon racecar for myself. Billet 3076 being my choice of turbo for these, for as good a torque onset as I can have.. and 500bhp+ also.
  2. badger5

    Who here is running a bigger turbo setup.. (not hybrid)

    Hi I know S3Alex is running a bigger turbo, but is anyone else here also running a bigger turbo, 500+bhp region. What mods and route did you go down? Curious as we are building an 8P now for a customer. thanks
  3. badger5

    Do i dont or dont i forge my engine

    Agree with regular oil changes from the carbon build up I see inside.. and side effects on blocking things like oil squirters.. which in turn seem to evolve into broken piston rings and ring lands.. The pump, and balance shaft delete vs retrofit 1.8t (more work more parts required) to me lean...
  4. badger5

    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    what actual specs are these cams? vs std? Are those specs available to see?
  5. badger5

    My Experience with APR Stage 2+ V3.4 vs the old versions

    thats a chunk of boost there.. imagine thats going to shove you in the back...
  6. badger5

    S3 - MTC Intake Kit in White

    dry foam filters in my experience allow dust to migrate thru. I would'nt oil a foam filter personally as it seems to get sucked out too easily and onto the maf sensor down stream. the most effective coating I have seen was RamAirs polymer coating as it was physically sticky so not sucked out of...
  7. badger5

    S3 - MTC Intake Kit in White

    example below... of some testing I did on my tfsi cupra on an intake swap. and after fiddling with the revo fueling it did this with the revo/b5 hybrid intake on it I turned it back to previous settings afterwards.. was just curious as to what it would do with just fueling change from 6 to...
  8. badger5

    S3 - MTC Intake Kit in White

    you cannot compare and judge performance on airflows... Reason why is the maf tube is not the same as std, nor others, and the sensor position is not the same inside the tube. this one places the sensor too far into the tube close to the other side of the tube. Check your 032 fueling...
  9. badger5

    HELP... limp mode

    a clean is worth a punt with revive... cheaper option for the op
  10. badger5

    HELP... limp mode

    vnt sticking? try some revive thru it...
  11. badger5

    My remap day at R-Tech :D

    nice one.. wall of torque - whats the mpg you get on these?