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  1. fingermouse

    Front brake carrier

    Ok so went to change the front pin guide bush on the drivers side brake caliper. Unbolted the pins and something didn't feel right. The ****** things stripped the threads . Has anyone had to change a front brake carrier before. If so who's the best to get one off. I hope its not stealers only
  2. fingermouse

    Rear Pads time again

    ok so I had a cheap VCDS lead just for doing the rear pads , It has worked for the last 2 changes but not it won`t connect to that module. I haven`t updated it but its knows its not real now What do people use to change the pads ??? I might have to invest in VCDS but the license thing is...
  3. fingermouse

    2012 A6 BiTDI starting to crash and bang

    Ok so my A6 has reached 155k and I think she is starting to sound louder over our wonderful rock roads. I`m thinking ARB bushes or drop links could be the first inspection. Then maybe shocks and springs. Car has just passed MOT no issues raised. It could be me but has anyone else has a...
  4. fingermouse

    Avant boot cover position

    I've noticed by boot cover is set back from the tailgate slightly. It goes further but then retracts about 50 mm When I activate a window switch it moves upto the tailgate but then retracts 50mm again. Its as if its home position is wrong Any ideas ???
  5. fingermouse

    Bitdi front caliper guide pins

    Morning all. Has anyone changed the guide pins and bushes on the twin pot bitdi front brakes. I had a noise coming from front right occasionally and found one of the pins to be stiff. I honed it out and ordered a new set up. Just never changed these before. Any pointers would be great
  6. fingermouse

    Sensor for cylinder head temperature

    Can anyone help pls Scanned car with capcom and got fault code 10219 Sensor for cylinder head temperature 254 fault frequency since 16.6.19 Anyone shed a bit of light on this please. Scanned the car as my start stop was always going into fault. Was expecting low battery but all seems ok...
  7. fingermouse

    Rear wiper arm and motor

    Anyone swapped the rear wiper motor ??? Mine has been stopping randomly but tonight when I tried to tap it free it was stuck so much I broke the rear wiper arm off doh. Strip down job this weekend anyone done it ???
  8. fingermouse

    2002 Audi tt shocks

    Hi there. I am looking to change the shocks on a 2002 tt for my mate. I suggested yourself and Billy's. What's the damage for a full set of shocks please.
  9. fingermouse

    Samsung s9 data share with car ??

    Ok I e been using my s7 edge for 2 years with the a6. When I connect I can choose car phone. Hands free or audio player. Just switched to a s9 plus and now I can only do hands free or audio player. What's changed or what do I need to enable on my phone to do remote sim again. Anyone had...
  10. fingermouse

    self service time I think

    Now may car is almost 7 years old and 130k on the clock I think Its time to start doing my own services again. Typically looking round there is more than one oil listed, more than 1 fuel filter listed arrr. Anything to look out for on the BITDI ??? Just never done this car and no dipstick ……...
  11. fingermouse

    A6 BiTDI front discs and pads

    ok so not urgent but I`m looking for front discs and pads while ECP have -50%. so they are not listed on the site. got a email back just giving me a disc part number that was out of stock. Got someone on chat and they say they don`t do them for the BiTDI. I know they do as a guy at work got his...
  12. fingermouse

    More woes

    Ok so after fixing my abs sensor I was feeling pukka. Then I start hearing a clicking noise from the same wheel. Sounds a little like a Lolly pop stick in your spokes. Anyhow tried a few things until today I jacked up the front right wheel and put the car in drive and didn't like the sound...
  13. fingermouse

    Tyre wear inside edge

    Well whilst working on my car I noticed the inside edge is wearing faster than the outside edge. I'e spoken to a couple of other a6 3ltr tdi owners who experienced the same. Anyone else get this ??? Going to get the front tyres swapped over to even the wear out . Oh and tracking should be ok...
  14. fingermouse

    ac bp difference ???

    Looking at getting a spare full sized alloy for my A6 seen 2 codes for the rotors 4G0601025BP 4G0601025AC anyone know the difference ????/ cheers
  15. fingermouse

    Bitdi slide pins Allen key size ???

    Whilst changing the and sensor I looked how to split the calipers to do the pads on the bitdi. Flipped out the caps to expect to see a 7mm cap head for the pins. But no it looks like 9mm ???? 8 Was too small 10 too big or is it imperial ??? Anyone done the pads on a bitdi. ???
  16. fingermouse

    A list of errors

    Ok so driving home I get a beep and the following on the dash TPMS Tyre pressure system fault Parking brake with a picture of the (p) with a red line through it Stabilisation program and ABS fault! See owners manual And the one saying stop start is deactivated Scanning with vagcom I have...
  17. fingermouse

    over 13 years but its time to part

    well ive owned my s3 since 2004 but it looks like I`m going to have to part with her and run the A6 Bitdi as we have just purchased a Scirocco R for the mrs. Going to be a sad day to let this car go, I honestly thought I`d keep it forever but family life has taken it toll I`ll still be in the...
  18. fingermouse

    Engine management light

    Well 15 miles after audi major service and the engine management light has come on. Quick look under the bonnet and i think the maf plug isn't right looked slightly off. So pushed it on. Then thought how easy does it come off. No resistance just pulled off so i think they have damaged it doing...
  19. fingermouse

    new rear pads on a6

    just had some new tyres fitted so whilst there I gave the brakes a once over. Looks like I'm going to have to do the rear pads sometime soon. Is this only possible with vag com ??? or is there another trick ??? (reverse poles from a spare battery??? ) any info , cars used to be simple...
  20. fingermouse

    Bang and the dirt is gone

    Well made it to watford gap monday. Found a nice parking space nose to tail. Thought we were safe but no a woman missjudged the entrance rode the curb and hit the drivers side rear bumper. Luckily exhaust survived and car has driven to the south of france ok. But more time without the car when...