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  1. vr6gordy

    Last post ever on here bye bye

    moving over to Nissan 200sx
  2. vr6gordy

    Who's in to scalextric

    I've just step up a massive lay out in the spare room .. Post pic later ..
  3. vr6gordy

    Anyone into 1/5 scale

    anyone into 1/5 rc cars on here
  4. vr6gordy

    The time has come

    thinking about selling my car Audi A4 cab 1.8t Quattro 6 speed manual .. here's the list of what's done Hid lights Led side light strips in the head lights S4 front upper grill S4 lower grill S4 fog lights Tt racing silicone Turbo pipe Cone air filter 2lt coil packs H and r lowering springs...
  5. vr6gordy

    Rnse Bluetooth

    I've got the blue tooth module fitted and use the Bluetooth to connect from my iPhone to make phone calls but it won't do anything else .. I want it to play things I'm watching on YouTube .. I've seen on later audis you can use visee0 tune to air .. Anyone no if this would work on a rnse fitted...
  6. vr6gordy

    Just got me self this

    been wanting one of these for ages so I thought sod it and got one .. Might even rent it out
  7. vr6gordy

    Wanna make my car louder

    are the cheap universal rear boxes any good off eBay as I wanna make my car loud
  8. vr6gordy

    Was gonna do a few bits but

    it's to god dam hot is this the only few days of summer lol 27.5 at 2pm
  9. vr6gordy

    Quickie help

    anyone no the size of the exhaust pipe at the rear just before it goes into the back box on a Audi A4 cabriolet 1.8t Quattro ... I would measure my self but cars not with me
  10. vr6gordy

    Check this out

  11. vr6gordy

    Psi at the divertor vavle

    Dose anyone no what psi runs though the divertor vavle on a standard bfb 1.8t engine
  12. vr6gordy

    Got myself this tonight

    went to Wilkos night tonight and got myself these items to do my wheels with to save getting the power wash out ... One for shampoo the the other for water to rinse Makes cleaning wheels so easy
  13. vr6gordy


    anyone no how to adjust a adjustable blow of valve
  14. vr6gordy

    Paint code ?? Plus car is awesome

    anyone no the paint code for this car ... This car is awesome it will stay with anything on the road and it's a avant
  15. vr6gordy

    Got me one of theses but ???

    The question I have about the pipe that goes into the top . On the video the guy just pushes it on and that's it no clip to hold it down .. Is it ment to have a clip on it or is it that once you push the pipe on it won't come back off
  16. vr6gordy

    Wanted cheap tyre

    Anyone got a cheap tyre for sale 245 35 19 ..
  17. vr6gordy

    Fitting s4 instuments into 1.8t

    alot of people have done this but not much is been said how to do it dose anyone on here no what I need to do .. Or is it a case of just recoding the clocks to the same numbers
  18. vr6gordy

    Seat belt chime

    anyone got a retro fit on how to make seat belt chime when the buckle isn't fitted
  19. vr6gordy

    Rnse very poor radio

    i don't have my radio on much but when I do I'm getting very poor signal I get all the stations but there not very good .. I've scanned the car and there is a code there for the rnse says antenna open circuit . Dose that s mean I need a new antenna booster ???