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  1. neil ratcliffe

    cvt oil change

    hi folks does anyone know where i can get the special filler tube to refill a cvt gearbox. thanks all.
  2. neil ratcliffe

    Wanted a4 b6 front door

    hi folk iam looking for a drivers side front door for an a4 b6 in lz 5c, thanks all
  3. neil ratcliffe

    part no.

    hi guys does any no the part no. for the front control units for power folding mirriors for a 03 plate model please.
  4. neil ratcliffe

    tow bar wiring

    hi folks ive got an oem audi tow bar with all the oem electrics ive got an module part no 8e0 907 383 a its got 6 wires but have no idea where they need to go ive got a red a brown orange and green orange a green and white and a yellow and red, does anyone know here i need to connect them too...
  5. neil ratcliffe

    swirl flaps

    hi folks ive notchided that some versions of my 2 litre tdi engine have swerl flaps and mine does not do these make any difrence to the engines preformance or in the smoothness of the engine.
  6. neil ratcliffe

    rnse retrofit

    hi guys iam looking at retrofitting an rnse into my b7 she has a d/d conversion allready and ive got the power adaptor lead and the one for the radio antenna ive also got a sharks fin for the sat nav can i use this or will i need something else also ive red that you need a disc player in the...
  7. neil ratcliffe

    gear knob removal

    hi guys iam trying to remove the gear knob how does it come of the lever please. thanks all.
  8. neil ratcliffe

    fitting xenon headlights.

    hi folks ive just purchased a set of oem xenon head lights iam whare that you need the adaptor lead for them. do they have drl. in them and also ive been told that they need coding for the main beam to work?. can anyone give me any advice please.
  9. neil ratcliffe

    auto diming mirrior

    hi folks a visit to a local salvge yard i found an auto diming mirrior and the loom. got it home only to find that my loom isnt sutiable. so iam going to have to look out for a wiring loom with bose sound syatem.
  10. neil ratcliffe

    more parts

    hi folks not been on for a while, new job ect. but brought some parts to add to the old girl. new set of lowering springs, and a complete c/c setup with a high line coms unit. and added a fridge unit glovebox found at a local breakers.
  11. neil ratcliffe

    pcv valve.

    where is the pcv located on a 2 litre tdi 140bhp brd engine 05 plate. as i think mine is getting blocked.
  12. neil ratcliffe

    mud flaps.

    hi folks will the mud flaps from a b6 fit onto my b7, they look similar. but not 100% sure. thanks all.
  13. neil ratcliffe

    o/s intercooler.

    has anyone retfo fitted the right hand intercooler to there 140 bhp tdi. looking at doing this mod.
  14. neil ratcliffe

    what is this please.

    hi guys while i was doing the 2 din conversion today found the rather large control unit cable tied to the heater bracket. i could only see 2 wires one was earth the other had a fuse in line and went into the back of the fuse box. sorry for the bad pic. if anyone can help i would appricate it.
  15. neil ratcliffe


    hi guys ive just brough me a mfsw for the old girl. my question is does it need to be coded for the car to reconise it. or is it plug and play.
  16. neil ratcliffe

    interior trim

    hi folks as you know just brought a s line tdi. ive notiched that the ash trays front and rear and the gear lever surround are standard black. ive looked at other s lines and the same parts are the same as the dash trim. is this the same on all s lines, if so does this mean that someone has...
  17. neil ratcliffe

    advice needed.

    hi good friends, just brought myself a 2 litre tdi sline. want to fit xenons to it. is it an easy fit. did it with my b6 which was real easy is it the same for the b7. many thanks in advance.
  18. neil ratcliffe

    a4 cabbi

    hi guys not been around for a while. iam looking at getting a cabbi. the seller says the roof works manually, the switches is busted, but the bit that got me a bit consirned is that the car is saying sort top inscure, is this a big problem or an easy fix. thanks all.
  19. neil ratcliffe

    help needed.

    hi friends. iam going to fit full electric front seats to my b6. just need to know how the head rest posts. come out of the seat frames. as the frames had grey cloth. and mine is black leather, so need to change the posts over from my old frames. thanks all
  20. neil ratcliffe

    rns/d install.

    hi folks is there any write up to installing a rns/d into a b6. thanks all.