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  1. Jakes2514

    Going Skiing in France

    So checking the user manual for my C7.5 Allroad for direction on how to turn your lights to a flat beam (had this in my B8 Audi A4) but interesting lay it says: "The beams are adjusted automatically on vehicles with a navigation system*. On vehicles with xenon headlights* the headlights are...
  2. Jakes2514

    Dog Guard/Boot divider

    Hey guys, So I have have been instructed by the long hared general to get a boot devider, this is to allow me to have my trusty black lap in the back whilst piling the other half of the boot up to the roof.. within reason... I am looking to purchase this...
  3. Jakes2514

    The New Allroad Family Wagon

    Hi guys, I recently part exchanged my A4 2.0TDi BE for a Demo Model A6 C7 Allroad. I really loved my A4 but because of an increase in family members we thought it prudent to increase the size of the Wagon. So my old Lady: Bought her new and she was a joy. Then this rascal arrived: Him...
  4. Jakes2514

    What's the Physical Difference?

    HI Guys I just recently got my A6 Allroad 218PS 3.TDi. I was wondering if anyone knows what the physical difference is between the 218 and the 272PS engine variants? Regards
  5. Jakes2514

    Is this the right paint for calipers

    As the title says!!
  6. Jakes2514

    Good Body Shop in South East

    Hey Guys, Been lurking on here for a while now and 'taking it all in'. I bought my A4 2.0 Black Edition in 2001 and love it to bits... like most of you here. however this weekend someone decided to 'rearrange my rear passenger side door in a car park: and to add insult to injury... no...