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  1. aristides

    RNS-e MK2 SDS

    Hello everyone, Excuse the new topic, but everything that I found through the search function gave me results that were 5 years old. I am about to retrofit a MK2 RNS-e unit (193G) in my A3 and would also like to enable the SDS hack. Does anyone have updated info and could tell me if it is...
  2. aristides

    Modding award 2016

    And the winner isssss : Sadly I was driving and couldnt take a picture of the front, which looked equally ... interesting
  3. aristides

    MFSW quick question

    Hey fellas If someone could answer me this I`m looking for a MFSW wheel and came across this one. Does anyone know if these caps can pop out so i can insert my MuFu buttons from my current wheel? Many thanks , have a great weekend
  4. aristides

    RNS-e DVD AT Version 2011

    Hello guys Been off for a while, trying to catch up Anyone tried the new RNS-e DVD (AT Version) ? Is it any good, and is it worth the upgrade? Cheers
  5. aristides

    S-line fogs problemo!

    Hey fellas As some of you know , i`m about to retrofit a s-line bumper + xenons etc etc to my 2008 Sportback. Well i was after some s-line fogs the other day and got a very good deal from a seller in Germany, Sadly the fogs arrived today and i realised that they are not OEM but aftermarket...
  6. aristides

    Washer jets retrofit

    Hello guys and gals Tell me something. How big of a hassle is it to remove the washer bottle to add the headlight washer system? Just had a look at my engine bay and the washer bottle seems to be well stuck underneath. Would it be a wise move to open up a hole in it to add the pump for the...
  7. aristides

    S-line fogs

    Hey guys. I`m about to retrofit the s-line front to my car and have a quick question I bought the new fog plugs needed (3D0 941 165A) and while looking through ETKA i discovered this: 3D0 906 732 : Angled Protective Cap and it states use if needed. Do i actually need this part or can i just...
  8. aristides

    Annoying Vag-Com Fault

    Hello fellas Does anyone know what this ****** thing mean? I`ve had it for quite some time and still cant figure out what`s causing it! 00469 - Infotainment Databus in Single Wire Operation 011 - Open Circuit Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01101011...
  9. aristides

    Audi RS6 Alloys

    Hey guys Since you`ve been talking a lot about wheels i thought this is the best way to get some help! I`ve been trying to change my ****** awful sport alloys (17") for quite a while now, but haven`t been able to spot anything interesting. Another thing is that nobody cares enough to send the...
  10. aristides

    A3 Sportback S-line rear bumper

    Hey there fellas I had some time in my hands today and decided to install my s-line rear bumper. I got a MY08 Sportback by the way. I noticed after the install that my exhaust isn`t sticking out that much as before. Does AUDI use a different system for those cars with the extrerior s-line...
  11. aristides

    A3 s-line front bumper 8P2

    Hello fellas I`m from Greece, as some of you might already know, and want to do a s-line front conversion. Currently got a MY08 standard model and since i love the s-line exterior look i`m searching for a front s-line bumper. My problems is that very few people want to get in trouble and send...
  12. aristides

    Audi A3 guard plate

    Hello fellas. Had a minor accident with the car ( MY08 Sportback) and broke a bit off my protective guard plate underneath the engine bay. I`ve heard that the A3 Cabrio comes with a metallic guard plate, instead of our pathetic plastic one. Can anyone confirm this? And would this metallic...
  13. aristides

    S3/R32 Brake Setup

    Hello fellas. Got some quick questions for you. A buddy here in Greece decided to upgrade his brake setup (he has currently got a 1,8TFSi with 280x22) and went for the 345x30 R32 Setup. Everything looked to go "OK" with the install until today. He was driving along and the retaining spring on...
  14. aristides

    Ashtray Delete Puzzle

    Hello there fellas I know there are some other threads regarding this issue , but i got a specific question. I decided to get rid of the ashtray, since i didn`t use it and needed some extra space. So i bought number 20 on the pic below which is the ashtray delete part. So far so good. I would...
  15. aristides

    Vag-Com Error

    Hola folks. Popped my VCDS prog today to do some work , and noticed this Engine Error. I know its intermittent, but i never felt anything going wrong with the car Should i go check it?
  16. aristides

    Heated Side Mirrors

    Hello fellas and a happy new Year! I read in a german forum that retrofitting heated side mirrors isn`t a tough job to do. Simply buy the new glass with the heated function and replace the standard ones. Some have reported though, that the retrofitted ones operate just by pressing the back...
  17. aristides

    AUX-in Port Concert 2

    Hello guys A friend of mine has a 2007 Sportback with a concert 2 (single din) head unit. I did my search but couldn`t find what i was looking for Is it possible to add a AUX-in port to the Single din stereo? I got a Concert 2+ myself and AUX was already installed when i bought the car. I...
  18. aristides

    A3 Dimensions

    Hello! Does anyone have the Dimensions chart from the pre-facelift models? All i could find on was the new facelifted version which is no good for me I would like to compare the Sportback model with the 3 door. I did a search with google and all i could find was the Sportback...
  19. aristides

    S-line Diffusor

    Hello fellas. Sorry to open yet another one of these topics, but sadly i got not much time to search around for an answer. I found someone that is selling a s-line diffusor off his 2007 A3 and i would like to fit it to my 2008 Sportback. Would it fit or would i have to change the upper part...
  20. aristides

    Passenger Side Window Problem

    Hello fellas. A friend of mine is experiencing a very unique and weird problem! While driving sometimes the passenger window "decides"to roll down with no apparent reason. Nobody touches anything by mistake , thats why i say it "decides" :P While the window is going down, if you try to stop it...