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  1. JRock247

    Front seat trim removal

    Does anyone have any guides or tips to remove the drivers seat panel as pictured below?
  2. JRock247

    For Sale Audi A5 B8/B8.5 Centre Console Trim

    Selling my Piano Black Centre Console Trim from my Audi A5 B8.5 (will also fit B8) It has some scratches on it but what piano black trim doesn't. I have tried to photograph it as best I can. All clips/fixings are in place and not broken. £60 ovno PayPal or cash on collection. Buyers to cover...
  3. JRock247

    For Sale Audi Aluminium Sport Pedal Covers

    Selling a brand new set of Audi Aluminium Sport pedal covers (accelerator and brake) I brought this set because it came with the foot rest that fits the manual and as I have a manual, these are no use to me. These will fit A4 B8/B8.5 and A5 B8/B8.5. They will probably fit other Audis...
  4. JRock247

    Wanted Audi A5 B8/B8.5 S-Line 3.0TDi OEM exhaust, diffuser and mounts

    Hi all, Currently looking for an Audi A5 B8/B8.5 S-Line 3.0TDi OEM exhaust, diffuser and mounts to upgrade my 2.0TDi exhaust setup. PM me with what you have. Thanks in advance
  5. JRock247

    Found Audi RS5 Internal Door Handles

    I am looking for a set of Audi RS5 B8/B8.5 Internal Door Handles as per the below image
  6. JRock247

    For Sale Audi RS5 B8/B8.5 Carbon Fibre Door Inlays

    Hey all, I am selling my Audi RS5 Carbon Fibre Door Inlays. I was looking to replace my piano black inlays but not so keen on the carbon fibre look. PLEASE NOTE: The alcantara centre console trim in the photos is NOT included in the sale. These are OEM from an RS5. These will fit coupe...
  7. JRock247

    New Owner Returning

    Hi all, After 4 years with my Golf R Mk7, I have returned to the 'Audi Side'. Picked up an Audi A5 B8.5 Black Edition at the weekend and couldn't be happier. As much as I loved the Golf, a change in job forced me to sell it for something more economical, especially with the ever increasing...
  8. JRock247

    For Sale Multifunction Steering Wheel

    Selling my old 3 Spoke S-Line steering wheel originally removed from an Audi S5 but will fit almost all other Audi models. Wheel is in OK condition, a few light storage marks but nothing major. All buttons work as do the paddles. Would be great for someone looking to upgrade there wheel or...
  9. JRock247

    Sold Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB Unlocked SM-N975F

    Selling my immaculate Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB (SM-N975F) Unlocked phone. The phone is in immaculate as new condition and 100% fully working. Phone has the original screen protector and rear protector screen on it and I brought a case for it 1 day after owning it, so it's is in MINT...
  10. JRock247

    Not another ******* animal!!!

    CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME AGAIN SO SOON!!!!! So driving back home from the petrol station last night, minding my own business when I noticed a rabbit shoot out in front of my car. Zero time to try and avoid it or slam on the breaks. I 'thought' it had gone under the
  11. JRock247

    The Golf R has landed

    Finally, after waiting for over a week for an illness to pass, I collected my Golf R last Thursday during my holiday in York :) Drove over from York to Burnely, about a 2hr drive to collect her and WHAT A CAR! Pulled up at the garage and immediately had a huge grin on my face! Checked the car...
  12. JRock247

    Goodbye, Farewell, So Long

    Hi Guys n Gals, With much regret and sadness I am leaving the Audi World :bye: After owning Audi's for the last 7 years, I have decided I need a change. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of the Audi's I have owned but I think it's just time for something different. I want to thank...
  13. JRock247

    MMI LED Upgrade ''Pretty Colours''

    Had some spare time yesterday due to the 'Beast from the East', so decided to have a go at changing the LED's on the MMI controls. Credit to for the guide. Very easy mod, providing you have a steady hand and some soldering experience. Anyone looking to follow this guide...
  14. JRock247

    Help Please HVAC - Basic Settings - Not working

    Hi all, So I have replaced my HVAC unit as the previous unit died, had the component protection removed today by the very helpful guys at CTCarsLtd (I recommend them to anyone near Guildford) but I cannot get the basic settings to work. Connected using VCDS, then went to HVAC>Basic...
  15. JRock247

    Help Please Is my Climate Control Unit totally dead?

    Hey, During my drive to Audi yesterday for my Gearbox Oil Change, my Climate Control unit decided to stop working. It froze on the MMI screen when I was changing the temperature, then completely went dead, no lights, no response, nothing, although the setting I had it on before it died was...
  16. JRock247

    Audi A4 B8 Dead Pedal

    Good Morning Fellow Audi Owners. I am looking for some advise on a dead pedal for my B8. I have been searching for a while trying to find a suitably priced dead pedal for my car. I have found numerous dead pedals online but I am not prepared to pay over £100 for one. Managed to find one at a...
  17. JRock247

    Help Please A4/A5 Trim Question

    Hi all, Trying to find out if the centre console trim piece from an A5 is the same size as the A4's? I need to replace my piano black centre console trim piece (as per the picture) Can anyone confirm if the trim pieces are the same size, I would imagine they are but want to check before I...
  18. JRock247

    Audi A4 B8 Steering Wheel Upgrade :)

    Well after saving my pennies over the last few months, I finally saved enough to treat myself a new steering wheel. This will be the third time changing my wheel and probably the last. Always liked the look of the Flat Bottom Steering Wheels, why this is not a standard option on the Black...
  19. JRock247

    Help Please Engine Light - DPF Malfunction

    Hey All. So woke up this morning ready to head to work, started the car and the engine light stayed on!? Drove the car to work and all seemed OK but still showing engine light. Ran a VCDS Scan and came back with the following: 2 Faults Found: 5182 - Particulate Trap Bank 1 P2002 00...
  20. JRock247

    Was this your A3?

    Hey All, Looking to move from my A4 back to an A3. Found this one on AutoTrader and thought I would check the forum to see if anyone on here may have owned this one. Would be great to get some extra insider history on the car, etc.